Creating an Effective Marketing Strategy to Help Your Plastic Surgery Clinic Grow

If you are a plastic, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery provider then you know two things about your potential clients.  You know that most of your work is with elective patients who will look carefully at all of their options.  And you know that there is a necessary sales cycle that requires significant time (months or […]

Create a Powerful Marketing plan for your business to win in 2021!

Digital Marketing in 2021 Your 2021 digital marketing plan should be a detailed description of the full extent of your planning and digital marketing for business campaigns or actions.  With so many changes in the business world just in the past year, driving increased website traffic through SEO, 2021 is a perfect year to establish […]

Creative Agency vs. Digital Agency How do they differ?

Creative Agency vs. Digital Agency

Companies have been relying on creative agencies for decades, even before the advent of the internet. It was the job of the creative agency to deliver all the artwork, colors, and branding associated with a business using the artistic talent of the people it employed. It was a kind of one-stop-shop for company executives who […]

The 3 Different Types of Advertising Agencies

Types of Advertising Agencies

Are you handling your marketing like it’s an easy-breezy walk in the park? Or are you wandering through a never-ending maze of branding, responsive websites, A/B testing, analytics, conversion rates, inbound versus outbound marketing, KPIs, PPC, and SEO? We get it. Marketing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But if you’re serious about reaping the benefits […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Marketing Agency in Bend Oregon

marketing agency in Bend Oregon

Why should you hire a marketing agency in Bend, Oregon? Good question: it’s one that we’re going to answer here. Marketing agencies are incredible things when you think about it. You get to focus on building your business while somebody else takes care of all the marketing hassle for you. You don’t have to learn […]

A Digital Marketing Agency in Bend with No Boundaries

Digital Marketing Agency in Bend

Think we’re just getting started with this telecommuting or remote working trend? Think again! Let’s take a moment to celebrate because we’re already in the middle of a flexible workforce revolution. In a world where everyone and everything is going digital faster than ever, the hunt is on to do things as efficiently and productively […]

SEO – Why Does it Take So Long?

Are you ready to get started with SEO for your business? We can’t wait to help! Many people start SEO campaigns under the misconception that they will see results overnight, so we wanted to put together this little guide to help you understand why that isn’t how things work with SEO, and why that’s a […]

PPC – How Long Does it Take?

How long will it take for me to see results in my PPC campaign? Oh, the age-old question. While many clients come to us excited to get started with PPC campaigns, a few weeks and a few hundred bucks later, they start asking when they will see the big results they’ve read about online. We […]

Find Your Loyal Customers

Ask yourself this. How well do you really know your perfect customer? Your core group of patrons? It’s easy to say you know them like the back of your hand, but do you really? Can you pick them out from a crowd? If you overheard a conversation in line at the grocery store or at […]

Company For A Cause

Ever thought about why you started your business? In other words, what’s your business purpose? Your “why?” There are many reasons why someone would start a new business, and many business owners haven’t really spent time thinking about why they started their business in the first place. (It’s ok if that’s you – we won’t […]