A guide to ensure brand compliance for your company

Where did the Idea of Branding Originate?  To fully grasp the concept of a term we can look into the history of where a word came from. In the ancient Scandanavian language of Norse, the word “brand” meant “to burn.” Back in those days they referred to a burning piece of wood as a “brand,” […]

Guidelines for Selecting a Marketing Agency to Design Your Business Logo

When your business is in the market for a new business logo you want to find a professional logo design agency to work with. But in today’s market there are so many design possibilities and so many ways to get your logo designed that it is important to start with what your options are. Here […]

Vital Ideas for Creating Brand Consistency

Your brand is the identity you have created for your business. Not unlike your own persona, the one you share at dinner, the one you share with your family and the one your coworkers see…. Your brand has a life and a voice. It has character, it has a vision, it has a mission, it […]

Why Your Logo Belongs on Her Coffee Mug!

Logos   The most iconic symbols of the 20th century, and right up to the present day, are the business logos that are emblazoned on shoes, apparel, products, advertisements, billboards, tv commercials, and stickers that we see everyday and everywhere!   The Nike “swoosh” is on everything the company produces.  It has become synonymous with the brand […]

If Your Company Were an Animal, What Would it Be?

When you’re searching for the essence, the heartbeat, the clear message that your company conveys to your clients and potential clients, you might go through a process in which you ask questions like this one.   For one thing it’s really fun and interesting and can tell you a lot about what your staff thinks about […]

Finding Your Brand’s Voice: Storytelling Marketing

Storytelling Marketing

Did you know that marketing has been around for thousands of years? With any exchange between buyers and sellers of purchased goods (even in ancient times), it’s human nature to use some form of marketing to make the sale. Take the Silk Road days where merchants presented their wares using good ol’ charm, persuasiveness, and […]

What Makes a Brand Successful?

What Makes a Brand Successful

What Makes a Brand Successful? Have you ever wondered what makes a brand successful? Let’s be honest, branding can be complicated.  With so many moving parts involved, consider branding as an ongoing, ever-evolving process rather than a “one time, upfront” deal. As businesses grow, adopt new ideas, and gain a better understanding of what their […]

How to stay true to your brand

First of all, if you don’t know what you’re doing, get some help. When you wake up in the morning and put on knee high white socks and slip on your favorite sandals, that’s a NO. And you need a fashion guru pronto. Just because it is comfortable for you does not mean everyone will […]