Thank you for your interest in joining me on an upcoming podcast episode.
I can’t wait to connect and hear your story.

In these podcasts our listeners will learn about the journey you traveled to arrive at where you are today. You may have had great successes, sudden pitfalls, personal sideshows or unexpected leaps in a different direction. We have too. Your story matters, and it’s not just business.

The victories, lessons, highlights and dark moments of our guests as they grew in their business and their life really resonate with others on a similar road. No business simply starts with an idea and catapults to global success. Our guests have uncovered a lot of the road bumps and jubilatory moments along the way. We know, it’s not just business. Let’s talk.

Our Commitment:

Here is what we need in order to move on your request to interviewed on It’s not just business talks:

1. Subscribe to “it’s not just business talks with Sonja” wherever you get your podcasts

2. Review the show and send us a screenshot

3. You must have a professional microphone and headphones, no cell phone or earbud mics

4. Listen to an episode or two of the show so you know what you’re getting into

If you’re good to go with these 4 easy steps, we are good to go to schedule you for the interview.

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Sonja Anderson and the zo tribe

“Sonja and the rest of the zo team have been working with our Athletic Training Programs through a rebranding process. It’s clear that they are well versed and experienced helping not only identify our strengths but shed a greater light on our core identity as a program.”

University of Idaho

Guest Application

How to prepare:

Come with stories that include your early start, pitfalls that could be avoided by others, ah-ha moments, personal growth periods, life stories and where you are today. Questions:
  • You agree to participate in a 30-60 minute interview on the topic of business, your journey, your book, your life – your choice!
  • The interview will be recorded by zo agency.

Intellectual Property
  • zo agency owns the recording and may re-purpose, resell, distribute and disseminate the recording in the future, without compensation to you.
  • You agree to allow zo agency to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use on our site, in speeches, books, and in all other public distribution.

Marketing Commitment
  • You agree to send your entire community two emails and provide social media support for the podcast episode.
  • We will provide you with show art, social media post, links and more so you can share with your community

If for some reason you’re unable to make the above marketing commitments, you agree to contact zo agency to make an alternate arrangement.