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We get it – Non-profits can be highly successful organizations who simply are not for profit! Your leadership teams come from a variety of highly skilled fields and often with more than one degree. You are very invested people and we know your companies’ mission is reflected in your personal and professional countenance.

You work on slim budgets, and everything you do, you labor over in love.

Your number one priority is the people you serve.

You often depend on grants, donations, fundraisers, taxes and volunteers to do the great work you do.

You live to serve and make a difference in the world, often in a niche where you have found your heart song. You care about this more than almost anything. Your passion is only bridled by the limitations of the funds with which you can execute.

We are the marketing department for nonprofits

You are advocates, storytellers and change makers.


• Making a difference • Telling the story • Inclusivity • Managing your budgets carefully • Being ambassadors

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