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Small to midsize businesses

As a small to midsize business you are by your very nature, growing and often overworked. You may wear the hats of ‘dentist, janitor, marketing department and bookkeeper’ all at once. Perhaps you are too small to afford to bring a new employee in-house to manage your marketing, but you are getting too big not to have this type of support.

We know what it’s like

Your needs are varied and oftentimes perhaps you feel like you cannot even identify them. You simply know that you need a consistent brand, a beautiful storefront (website), a modern way of drawing in new clientele (possibly digital, which is a whole new world for some businesses), positive engagement with your current customers and a trust in someone who will take it all off your plate.

You may have a hard time handing the reins over after managing so well for so long, and need gentle and consistent guidance in this transition. You might look to zo for strategy, consulting, a marketing plan you can afford and an ROI you can truly realize. Once in our tribe, we imagine you will stay with us until that mighty day when you have grown so big you can manage and prefer your own internal marketing department.

You’ve likely staked your whole livelihood on this dream. Perhaps you went through years of college to learn a skill, and then took that skill into the workplace as a small business. Or you joined a family business or became partners in one. Or had an idea you built into something very real.

We are the marketing department for small to midsize businesses.

Your company is
your life.

You’ve likely worked seven days a week, long hours, pouring your heart and soul into this dream. And probably care less about money than the vocation you have chosen. Your hard work has paid off and you are now a small to midsize business (with revenue nearing at least $1 million and likely in the millions). Once naive, you are now in the real rollercoaster of business and ready to take it to the next level.

You are middle America’s successful small business.


• Making a difference • Profitability • Your employees • Your community • Cash flow • Growing • Marketing effectively

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