-University of Idaho


“Sonja and the rest of the zo team have been working with our Athletic Training Programs through a rebranding process. It’s clear that they are well versed and experienced helping not only identify our strengths but shed a greater light on our core identity as a program.

The zo team has been attentive to what makes our program unique and they also uncovered many other strengths of our program and faculty/staff.

The work that the zo team has created far exceeded our expectations. Each part of the rebranding process from branding materials, website design, and digital campaigns have been thorough and pointed which has extended our reach further than we could’ve ever expected.

The zo tribe has been instrumental in helping us improve the quality and consistency with which we communicate to all of our students past, present and future.

The rebranding process has been impactful in many ways as what we have done alongside the zo team has directly and indirectly guided many conversations and tasks within our program.

The impact of our rebranding with the zo team has reached far beyond what we initially anticipated. The team has created an open, fun, and cooperative atmosphere amongst our team and theirs.”


-Kelvix Lighting

“As the marketing director of a rapidly-growing organization I am always working on an enormous amount (and diverse set) of deliverables and projects at any given time. Having the zo team on deck makes my life easier because they GET IT and they get it done! They have every branch covered for me regardless of whether it is print or web, SEO or photography so I can easily hand off projects to my own account manager and project manager for quick turnaround on things I may not want to use my in-house team for.”


“We love our zo tribe! They helped us develop our brand identity and launch our website. The team is very responsive and a pleasure to work with.”

-Recovery Network of Oregon

“Thanks to zö agency’s efforts, the client has established a brand identity that aligns with their mission and vision. The team utilizes their knowledge and technical expertise to deliver quality services. Moreover, they’ve been responsive and very flexible in terms of accommodating additional tasks.”

-Greeting Tours Inc.

“Thanks to zö agency’s efforts, the client saw an increase in their reach and coverage. The team completed everything on time and was easy to work with from start to finish. The partners communicated via virtual meetings, email, and messaging apps. Their team delivered on time! Great local team to work with in the area we were painting the mural at.”


“Are you thinking about doing business with zo agency? I would like to share with you my top 3 reasons on why I think it’s a fabulous idea:

The first, talent. The tribe over at zo agency has amazing talent. And not just in graphics, messaging and design, but they are experts in drawing out of you the information about your company, your product, you customers and your prospects. They formulate graphics, design and messaging that relates to those people on the level they need, and to draw them into your business.

The second thing, no surprises. With zo agency I got a full scope of work that was very clear and understandable, I got a timeline and a budget that I could trust and they delivered right on time.

And the third reason is the final product. I will tell you that my company went to zo agency for a complete rebranding and we expected to get some pretty good work out of them. What we got was truly amazing. The response that we got to the images and the messaging was far beyond my expectations.

I will now go back to zo agency for anything that I need. “

-The Newbury Center

“We could not be happier with the work that zo agency has done for us. Sonja and her team are truly top-notch. They produced new brochures and pamphlets for us and the results were spectacular– several patients have commented that they are the nicest they have ever seen. We were so happy with their print work, that we even had zo agency revamp our website, and that came out beautifully as well. I would trust them with any of our marketing needs”

-Recovery Network of Oregon

“Their team is responsive and dependable at every turn. They were willing to jump into side projects and offer expertise outside of the scope of what we had initially asked for. I felt confident that I would be presented all the information I needed without needing to go digging for it.”

-ATLAS Cider Co.

 “zo agency has always been on point in fulfilling our vision. We can always rely on them to deliver creative projects in a timely and professional manner. We also enjoy zo’s friendly team and have always been impressed by their quick response to a variety of marketing needs.”

-Mission Facilitators

“The zo team really has become an extension of who we are. They became fast friends. We trust them implicitly and they really got to understand what our mission was.

I highly recommend working with a stunning creative group like zo. The experience has been just fantastic and I would heartily recommend them.”

-New Leaf Academy

“zo agency was professional, very helpful and responsive to our needs. We needed a quick turn around on our projects and zo agency absolutely met that deadline with an excellent end product. It was much appreciated!”

-Recovery Network of Oregon

“In addition to receiving fantastic tangible goods like a branded tent, merchandise (swag), and printed materials they provided guidance and education on best practices on foundational brand documents including culture, mission, and values. Later as we launched our digital campaign we received weekly updates on the dollars spent and number of visitors and interactions this generated. This culminated in a successful first-wave launch and we look forward to our shared future success.”

-Creative Space Construction

“Every time I hand out my business cards I get compliments on how great the logo is, how on point my color schemes are and how professional my brand looks. All of my employees love wearing the T-shirts I had designed and made by zo agency. So many compliments!”

-Lauren O’ Sullivan

“I have been working with Sonja now on and off for several years. My experience has always been great. Sonja is so easy to work with and is very responsive. I have never felt that Sonja has been pushy with me and as a consumer in this industry that is important to me….and the quality has always been great. I know this because my patients even have noticed and complimented me on my design.”

-Stellar Realty

“We were wowed by their philosophy of collaboration. We didn’t just end up with a cool new logo, we ended up with a marketing partner for the long haul. “

-Rosenzweig Orthodontics

“They are very professional, creatively gifted, prompt in dealing with projects, friendly and always fun. I highly recommend the zo team!”

-Hedgerow Cidery

“Our Blue Butterfly Cider label created by zo agency has sold countless bottles of cider, untasted, based on visual appeal alone. “

-Leonard Plastic Surgery

“We hired the zo agency group to help us broaden how we reached out to patients. Developing a new logo, a new look, and how to better market who we are. A new fresh and up to date look. A Facebook page, and flowers:) Assisting us in our photo shoot. zo agency was really helpful! They really rolled out the red carpet to make it a fun experience. It has helped open our eyes to what tools are available for marketing ourselves. Patients love the new look of our Logo and stationary:) It’s been really nice, and there is always someone available to answer our questions!”

-Leonard Medi Spa

“We hired zo agency to create and design our web page and get our business up and going on social media. We needed to match our medispa web design to the existing design of our plastic surgeons layout. Also, we had a goal of getting our page up and going by Christmas – and we made our goal !

zo agency delivered to us an absolutely beautiful web site that promotes and inspires the health and beauty we offer to our clients through our medispa. It is the perfect extension of who we are and what we create with our patients.

I have enjoyed working with the entire zo team very much. They are a very personal group. zo agency took time to meet with me as we were just getting started on our project and their kindness and close attention to detail never wavered. They have always been available by phone or email and will always take time to answer questions for me. This is truly an outstanding group and I would recommend them to anyone. They are exceptional and go above and beyond for their clients. Thank you zo agency.

-Volunteers in Medicine

“zo agency has been an integral part of our rebrand over this past year. Along with refreshing our logo, they helped to design a brand image and set of brand standards that we now carry through to all of our external and internal marketing communications. They produce high quality work and products. I recommend them to any business or person looking to bring an agency in as part of their team.”

-Deschutes Public Library

“The crew at zo agency are wonderful partners. They have proved to be experienced media buyers, producers, and designers who work with our budgets to produce meaningful material for the community. They have gone above and beyond to help us organize fantastic marketing campaigns and we never hesitate to reach out to them because they always know what to do. We did a complete rebrand of the Deschutes Public Library and zo agency has been involved with every aspect of the creation of printed materials, media ad design and placement, extensive outreach with the public throughout Deschutes County, and strategic communications. Throughout the past six years, zo agency has met every deadline, come within, or under, budget and provided the support and follow through we needed. Sonja and her team are positive, professional and highly skilled. They respond quickly and are always ready to make changes when needed. The Deschutes Public Library has benefited greatly from our partnership.”

-Hillsboro Public Library

“Hillsboro Public Library has been working with zo agency for just over a year now. They have created and produced our Hillsboro Reads program guide, several print pieces that are used throughout the library and community, and designed beautiful artwork for the front doors of both our libraries that is fun, welcoming and inclusive, and which has helped us begin to rebrand many of our signature pieces. They take our vague ideas and bring them to fruition. The zo team is professional and responsive, and quickly turns around our projects. We get a lot of positive feedback from the community on the work they’ve done.”

-Infinite Assets

“Wow! Just wow! My business name, logo branding and website are all just gorgeous. This company is upbeat, creative, forward thinking, and was supportive throughout my entire process. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome!”


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