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There are so many cool and breezy attributes in the ultra chic vibe of Santa Barbara. We love how it is both home to the stars and accessible to the masses. zö agency makes it our business to unravel the unique mysteries of culture, passion and needs in each of our locations. We work passionately and intimately with our small to medium sized business clients located along the amazing Pacific coastline.

We know the relentless pull of the Pacific coast’s rugged and undeniable beauty. Whether it is to the pristine harbors and beaches, the immaculate vineyards, the eclectic mix of artsy, entrepreneurial, agricultural or high-tech opportunities, a cozy coffee house, a favorite fashion nook, or a craft brewery – we get the allure and the charm. Although we are just a small Santa Barbara marketing agency, we are one of the few that still wears all the hats of a full-service marketing agency.

We are putting our toes in the waters of coastal California and your exciting and creative business culture. What we have learned from decades in the marketing business is that in order to succeed as a Santa Barbara ad agency we must provide excellence across the spectrum of our services.

You enjoy living in a culture that loves its music concerts, oceanfront events, famous red wines, fine food, beachside margaritas and fabulous outdoor options all year round. Our goal is to help your business community thrive and grow in your environment. We do so by building unique relationships and promoting a myriad of opportunities to highlight your business and make your brand accessible. We grab the attention of and entice your audiences through our vast array of marketing services.

Our business vibe is a lot like the classic coastal Californian ethos that Santa Barabara has thrived on for the last century. Professional, playful, loyal, and expert storytellers; our full service agency is a Santa Barbara SEO company, a digital marketing expert, a marketing consulting agency, and is highly ranked among PPC marketing companies.


A Spiced Up

Santa Barbara Online Advertising Agency.
We have loads of experience in traditional marketing like media buying, printed materials, website design, swag, direct mail, signage, event planning, logo design and any other means of promoting your business brand. But we always bring an edge of “caliente” to our creative production that spices up our traditional production. Our connections still run deep in these areas even as we continually expand our creative repertoire to include the latest marketing trends.


Digital Marketing Services that Reach for the Stars!

Over the years we have also discovered that our clients have a tremendous need in the areas of marketing strategy and consulting. Embracing the spirit of growth and entrepreneurial leadership we have embarked on a journey to add, marketing consulting agency to our resumé. By doing so we are excited to offer Santa Barbara branding strategy for your business by providing a wide range of marketing consulting workshops and services for our clients.

Santa Barbara

Serving You with All the

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Your marketing needs are our waves to surf! Whatever needs you have we are ready and excited for the ride. When it comes to our cutting edge offerings our most sought after options are:

Search Engine Optimization


Our SEO team is excellent at ensuring that your business gets found in online searches. We carefully conduct keyword research and use the most up to date and ethical methods to make sure that search engines rank you high and drive traffic to your business.

Design & Development

of your Website

Your website is a sales force that is constantly working for you. Our web design team will expertly highlight your brand while optimizing your website for search engines and increased traffic and conversions.

Social Media Marketing


Let our team develop dazzling and highly effective campaigns that will grow your brand through social media and grow your community of social media followers.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Company


Use our digital team to create and run cost effective PPC campaigns. This amazing option targets with great specificity target groups most likely to drive traffic, create leads and grow your business sales.

Creative Copywriting

to Improve Content

Writing content that will inform and engage your customers whether in your website, blog posts, newsletters, descriptions of products & services or other advertising needs is another of our agency strengths you will appreciate.

Business Branding


Our expert branding workshops will take your leadership team through the process of crafting your unique business brand. A brand that fully represents the vision and passion of your business. By providing brand management services we raise your visibility and define your marketing strategy.

A Professional SEO Agency Insight

Whether you need a Santa Barbara SEO company, a digital marketing expert, a Santa Barbara PPC agency, traditional marketing services, business branding services or anything else, zö agency has you covered. We know that you would rather be with your family at the beach, with friends enjoying a Santa Barbara Wine Country Chardonnay at your favorite winery, your favorite coffee and pastry, heading to the coast or fishing the river with friends. So we will do the heavy lifting for all your marketing needs. And when we’re done we might even see you for a beachside margarita!

As a Santa Barbara digital marketing agency, our aim is to help our clients’ websites rank higher in search engines. One of the ways we do that is by employing the use of keywords and key phrases that people commonly use when they search for businesses like yours by typing what they want into their search engine. You have probably noticed when you read pages on websites and in blogs that you frequently find repetitive phrases and terms with the names of specific towns and cities attached.

For instance you might read an article that is peppered with phrases like, Santa Barbara marketing firm or Santa Barbara ad agency. Even more interesting is when keyword phrases such as Santa Barbara branding and Santa Barbara digital marketing agency get lightly spread throughout business websites in just the right measure and when the quality of the content is excellent, search engines will improve your site’s rankings. Just by using terms that identify your business products and expertise and in your website you can boost your SEO marketing efforts.


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Frequently Asked

zö agency offers a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services in Santa Barbara, including SEO, social media marketing, website design, and other cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in the region.

zö agency distinguishes itself by seamlessly integrating traditional marketing methods with a creative and modern approach. This unique blend allows them to address the diverse marketing needs of businesses in Santa Barbara effectively.

zö agency takes pride in offering marketing consulting workshops that empower businesses in Santa Barbara to refine their branding strategies. These sessions are designed to foster growth and entrepreneurial leadership, ensuring clients stay ahead in the competitive market.

zö agency specializes in serving small to medium-sized businesses along the Pacific coastline in Santa Barbara. By providing a mix of traditional and modern digital marketing solutions, businesses can expect tailored strategies that align with the unique culture, passion, and needs of the region.

zö agency injects a touch of creativity into traditional marketing methods, creating campaigns that are not only effective but also infused with a caliente (hot and spicy) edge. This innovative approach ensures that businesses in Santa Barbara benefit from campaigns that stand out in the market.

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