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Think we’re just getting started with this telecommuting or remote working trend? Think again! Let’s take a moment to celebrate because we’re already in the middle of a flexible workforce revolution.

In a world where everyone and everything is going digital faster than ever, the hunt is on to do things as efficiently and productively as possible, right?

For us at Zonion Creative a Digital Marketing Agency in Bend, we like to do things a little differently by pushing the boundaries with a tight-knit team based out of Bend, Oregon. We do things in a way that gets you and your business seen, heard, and with some mighty successful results (just like you deserve!)  

It’s no surprise more than 70% of the population is already working remotely at least once a week. If that many people have jumped on the bandwagon, there’s gotta be something to this whole remote work thing, right?

Everyone is unique and thrives in different work schedules or environments. Whether it’s at our headquarters in Bend or working remotely from a coffee shop, we help and work with our amazing clients no matter where we are.

While not all of us at Zonion work remotely, we have the freedom to do so and this allows us to travel and meet you where your business is already based. For an agency like us, distance doesn’t stop us from connecting with incredible clients around the country and creating topnotch work.

Let us paint you a picture of why working with a Digital Marketing Agency in Bend with remote capabilities is a smart move.

A solid and efficient team means we work with anyone, anywhere.

The ability to work remotely gives us an extra set of wings to go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals. As a tribe whose been around the worldly block and back, each of us brings a unique collection of skills, views, and experiences to the work we do at Zonion.

At the end of the day, you can bet we’re dedicated to boosting your business by getting your goals and messages across to YOUR PEOPLE.

Location doesn’t limit us to the exceptional work we do. If anything, the freedom and flexibility makes our extraordinary team even more creative, productive, and cost-effective. Our team understands the market on a global scale and we’ll do the research for any client, anywhere, you name it.

With decades of professional experience in our fields, each of us at Zonion knows how to work to our strengths and rhythms. You’ll find us laser-focused on the task at hand because we know how to maximize our potential whether we’re working out of the agency office in Bend or elsewhere. We’re also the kinda tribe who uses our time wisely, strategically, and creatively in a way that best suits each of our lifestyles.

The opportunity to work remotely is something we value and never take for granted. The beauty and joy of experiencing a flexible schedule is that we’ve perfected how to manage our time and can accomplish more with less (which ultimately leads to being more efficient, higher energy levels, and jaw-droppingly stellar work).

A happy team leads to happy clients after all!

Quality is key and we’ve hired the best of the best.

Trust us, working with an agency who isn’t in your backyard is no big deal anymore. You can hire a fancy smancy agency located in downtown LA with hefty overhead costs and meetings that require you to drive three hours into the city every week.

OR you can hire a high-performance team of top talent at a fraction of the price (check out our team here) who won’t waste your precious time because we embrace the efficient benefits of working remotely when our heartsong calls for it.

Think about all that creative and innovative potential for a sec.

Amazing minds chip in from different backgrounds, locations, or experiences which leads to quicker solutions, fresher ideas, and award-winning worthy stuff no one would’ve given a second thought about.

With English as the world’s universal language, our super savvy team of experts know it better than the backs of their hands. There are no barriers for us when it comes to connecting with you and we’ll dig deep to understand and lift the voice of your business to a superstardom level.

So we like to cast a wide net to attract only the best and we mean it. Imagine the possibilities of selecting people from an unlimited pool of talent. And that’s exactly what we do at Zonion—we bring on the best of the best because your business deserves the best people to help you along your sweet journey to success.  

Contrary to popular belief, communication and engagement increases.

It’s typical to assume working remotely means communication and office culture suffers, but it’s actually the opposite (since most of our crew is holding down the awesomesauce fort in Bend).

From beers in our hands to bringing our four-legged friends to the office with us, many professional and creative geniuses have moved to Bend to live out their version of adventure in paradise. And the cool fact is that we take the same charming culture and lifestyle with us no matter where we go or work from.

At our agency headquarters, we’re happy to ride our bikes to work where our daily team meets over the web regardless of time zone or location. When we’re working remotely, we thrive on the flexibility and know how to optimize our time.

We’re literally a finger away from answering your questions or chatting face-to-face. With apps and tools like Asana, Trello, Slack, Zoom, or Google Hangouts, it’s easy to instantly connect online and stay on top of tasks and project timelines.

Given the power of technology these days, we’re more than happy to do our work from our phones if that’s what it takes to get something done in a split second or two.

Whether it’s hopping on a video call or a quick email exchange, there will always be someone at Zonion available to do (almost) anything you ask, anytime. As one of our clients, you’ll have a savvy point of contact to oversee your projects and someone who understands what you love or don’t love super quickly.

Since our whole team still communicates on a regular basis no matter where we are, the online accessibility allows us to work together to address concerns or solve problems on the spot. We also have a knack for getting things done lightening-fast!

We have the freedom to adjust our workspaces to what works best for each one of us and that allows us to produce our finest work for you. So we can serve our clients from Bend in Oregon even if your business is a hop, skip, and a jump away in California, Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, or even Florida.

Even though the majority of our staff is in Bend, we love to use the digital world to our advantage by working from anywhere, which means helping you out from anywhere. Connection for us goes beyond geographic location—connection is a heartbeat, a tribe, a family that stays and works together no matter where they are.

By choosing Zonion, you gain our trust and we value that to the end of the universe and back!

We’re the ones that will always add the extra cherry on top because we’re here for your shining star of a business.

Are you ready to join our family and make some magic together? Reach out to us today and see what it means to get a taste of our VIP services from beautiful Bend, Oregon!


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