Why You Should Get a Custom Website Design

What Is Custom Website Design?

A growing number of web design firms and marketing businesses are making lots of money by convincing small businesses, startups and other businesses to build their business websites using cookie cutter template designs. Their process is fast and usually not very expensive because it is just about filling in some blanks using their automated website software. 

The problem with this process is that your website is a reflection of your business brand and your unique place in your market. Ensuring that it looks and performs to your specifications and needs and that your unique brand and vision are clearly highlighted throughout your website will set you apart from all of your competitors who go the cookie cutter route to save a few bucks. 

Getting your website custom designed allows you to use the abundant skills and knowledge of a marketing agency to create the website of your dreams. Depending on who you work with, how many landing pages your website needs, how quickly you can provide information about not just your business, logo, colors and other design collateral, but your brand, your vision and the attitude you want to convey to your users. A custom designed website won’t have to cost you a whole lot more either, but it will be one of a kind and will clearly communicate what makes your business special! Let’s enumerate just a few of the many benefits.

Benefits of Custom Web Design

Room to Be Creative

You have a unique business. Your brand, your vision, your products and/or services are unique to you. Your website should reflect the uniqueness of your business. When using a marketing agency that specializes in custom website development, there is tremendous room for creativity! Rather than having to choose from a handful of color schemes the whole color swatch is open to you! You can create your pages so that they fit your business personality and clearly reflect your brand identity. Create them to be fun or professional or sporty or flirtatious. Every page, color, menu, photograph, graphic, quote, etc., can and will reflect who and what your business is at its core. 

No Limitations

When you choose to customize your web design, you won’t have to worry about fitting into a certain number of pages, choosing a single color scheme from a limited palette of options or having to use only stock photos. You won’t be constrained by any of the rules or limitations of the prescribed “package” you chose. Instead, everything is customizable without limitations! Yes, there are often packages to choose from with custom website development also, but add-ons can easily be purchased when deemed necessary by you or in agreement with your design team. The world of creativity and beauty is open to you.

Search Engine Friendly

Another benefit of creative web design is that your designers can create an SEO friendly web design that maximizes the qualities and elements of your website, and that will improve your ranking with Google and other search engines. This includes staying up to date with the latest features, innovations, tools, functions, insider moves and trends that improve user experience and help you place higher in search results.

Design It to Dazzle Your Audience

Although it is still important to never judge a book by its cover, it is also important not to have a really ugly book cover. Your website will be most of your customers’ gateway to your business and first impressions do matter. Custom website development gives you the opportunity to dazzle and amaze your website visitors! Perhaps you have some ideas you have seen on other websites that you want to build into your website. A creative design team will listen to your ideas and also provide you with an array of options designed to draw people in and create the “wow” factor.

Optimize it for Increased Conversions

A creative web design team will work with you to create Calls to Action (CTAs) that increase your conversion rate dramatically. They are well versed in the science of designing creative CTAs that are optimally made to drive more responses and increase conversions. Connecting these designs to your brand, writing CTAs that specifically highlight products, services or questions on each webpage and using their design magic to draw visitors’ attention, is all second nature. Their goal is to get your users to respond by clicking through your CTA boxes. These optimizations are right in the wheelhouse of custom website development professionals. And they won’t have to fit them into preassigned boxes!

Save Time

This is done in two very specific ways. First, your business is your number one priority and you are excellent at what you do! And you likely don’t have the time needed to create your own website or learn to design websites. Building a creative website with a design that is professional-looking, excellent at converting leads and aesthetically pleasing, requires time and skill. 

Second, custom website designs will remain relevant, current and changeable long after a template generated website loses its luster and relevance. This means you can simply make adjustments along the way, which is much more efficient than starting over with a new template design when the old one cannot be adjusted to fit new needs or quickly passes out of fashion or fails to meet your expectations. This saves you a lot of time in the long run.

Save Money

Time is money in business, so the efficiency and effectiveness of a creative web design will save you money over the life of the website. But even more importantly your website will beautifully reflect your business, champion your values, highlight your brand, attract and hold the attention of your users and raise your conversion rates and sales. Additionally, taking full advantage of and accentuating your SEO friendly web design will produce long term results in your SEO rankings, especially when combined with targeted SEO campaigns. Making more money is a great way to save money!


In the business world of today, 98% of people carry a supercomputer in their pocket or hand,  called a smartphone. Your website is the entry point for them to encounter all that you offer. And it is available to them 24/7. Most often your website is the first encounter any prospective client has with you. In a moment, when their search leads them to what you have to offer, you want them to experience magic. You can only get that magic with custom website design. 

Only expert creative design will convince them they have landed in the right spot and need not keep looking. Your website has about 3 seconds to make that grand first impression. And they might even give you a few more minutes if they continue to be impressed with what they see.

For these reasons and more, fully utilizing creative web design will ensure that when the right people land on your website they will be amazed, find authenticity and connection and get conversions. And that they will stay with you.

zö agency has been creatively designing awesome websites for more than a decade. You will love your new website almost a much as you will love the results it produces for your business.

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