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Let our tribe throw the event of your dreams (warning: it might turn into a party)

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin

Food (like catering, food carts, appetizers etc)

Whatever the occasion, the takeaway should always be “Nom Nom Nom! That was awesome!”

And we’re the team to get you the awesome. With trained restaurateurs on staff, we know our way around an ahi ceviche or a slow roast pork just like we know our kale and foraged mushrooms. So whatever your event calls for, we’re going to deliver. NOM! Passing dishes via white glove, or serving beer in plastic cups, we’ll pull it all together in an overall atmosphere of “did this really just happen!?” so your event is the talk of the town.

Our team are licensed to serve alcohol, handle food and whip up an amazing time. From burlesque to big bands, we have you covered.

Having a serious business convention? No problem, we know all about ‘ssshhh’ and ‘what’s the wifi password?’ Espresso’s and biscotti or catered sandwiches from farm to table… well, let’s just say it again. NOM!


Providing the highest quality beverage service is just part of the white glove service our tribe offers. Even if you’re cracking Bud Lights, we can make the experience shine! Experts in the field of locally sourced beverages, we can take your event to the next level with craft brews, brew your own beer, local wines or a wine tasting of multiple varietals led by our sommelier. Cycle pubs to marionberry lemonades… Cognac and cigars… whatever your attendees desire, we deliver. Your event is an extension of your brand and we tailor the experience to make sure the WOW factor and true connection with your brand is lasting.

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Service staff are very much behind the scenes but they’re not invisible unless you want them to be. Then consider us Casper! Generally, the quality of your service staff and the level of engagement actually has a huge impact on the takeaway experience of your brand. Too slow? Your guests are going to associate that with you. Too chatty? The guests feel like you are not the server. It’s subtle, and yet it’s real. Your guests’ experience extends to every detail and this includes your service staff. We only send the best into the field! We have dressed models in cowboy hats to promote a brewery’s “Knotty Blonde” brand. We’ve laced the walls with five star white glove servers in a private venue, only appearing out of the shadows to clear a plate you barely placed your fork on. Make sure your service staff reflect the organization that you are. As always, we’re AT YOUR SERVICE.


Not every event calls for music. But if it does, it better be the real deal! And here we go again with ‘brand’. Your music should be perfect for the kind of crowd or customer your business wants to attract (not what you played air guitar to in the 80’s). If this isn’t a private party centered on you, don’t let the music be either. If your attendees have to stop talking for a minute to take in the amazing sounds… you’ve nailed it! Or if the classical music in the background is the delicate backdrop to meaningful debate, let the debate yield fruit!

Being your brand ambassador is more than high fiving you on color choices. It is the spirit in which we affirm and reaffirm your brand with every subtle element that your audience encounters.

Whether you need a jazz pianist for an hour, or a series of local or national bands for a street event that goes until the wee hours, we source, book and manage the whole process from beginning to end! From instruments to stages, event security and parking. You’re in great hands with our tribe.

Event decor

If this is an event that is supposed to reflect all that you are, bring in the right people and leave a lasting impression, it needs to exude your brand from start to finish. Make sure if nothing else conveys who you are, the décor sure does! Ambient evening for your wine release? Lighting, candles and linens to complement the pinot noir. Corporate annual event? High quality notepads, ball point pens and local fresh brewed coffee in hand crafted mugs with your logo on them that guests can take home. Make it count. It’s not just the content, it’s the whole experience. Décor tells a story, as subtle as it may be. And if we know your story, we can tell it beautifully.


Your guests’ first impression of your event tells the story of what they should expect all the way from accepting with anticipation, joining you at your event and thru their trip home.

Whether it’s an ad in a newspaper or a carefully created mailed piece with an RSVP enclosure, make sure that it sings the song of what is to come! It’s your promise to your guests of what they should hope to experience. If you leave your guests feeling ambiguous, you’re going to have an event full of people wondering ‘what’s next’ and you fail to use the opportunity to reinforce your brand. Realistically, even if they can’t make it to your event, they should be able to give a nod in your direction, know what you’re about and have a personal experience with your brand just from that first invite.

Which type of event would you RSVP for? “Hey, come on over, we’re having a party, there’s gonna be a bunch of people” via text….or “On Friday evening the weather is forecasted to be about 73 degrees, clear sky so we can enjoy the jazz mucisian who got his start in New Orleans playing at the piano by the pool under warm string lights. The waiters will be passing stuffed mushrooms and bruschetta and our wines for the evening are an Oregon Pinot Noir and a Napa Valley Pinot Gris” delivered in a linen envelope with the image of a bottle of wine atop a grand piano.


If your event is open to more than just the folks on your speed dial or email contact list, we’re ready to help you tell the world (or just that slice of it you actually want)!

With master media buyers on deck to identify the precise target invite list and then reach out to them in the exact way they need to hear from you at the most efficient cost – well, can we say ‘Ta-Da!’ Here they come! So you’re launching a new dog food for only high class poodles? We’ve got you covered. Our list will identify the high income households within a 10 mile radius that own a poodle, and they are going to get one poodle-icious invite! Having a grand opening and the whole town is invited to see the fireworks? We’ll dial in the right radio stations to get the message out loud and clear.


If your event is about to be the most happening thing since sliced bread and jam, the world likely needs to know about it. Don’t keep all that good stuff to yourself! If you’re a non-profit and your story needs to be shared so the world benefits, it’s our time to help you shine.

PR is not an exact science – it is the act of communicating meaningful content to a media outlet with the intent of having them pick up the story. And, YOU have a story. Which by the way, is not a report on your new employee (unless it happens to be the former President or NFL player) but a tease about WHY it matters. We know the media, we know you and we know how to tease a story.


Don’t let this event go by unnoticed! You will enjoy memories, images or videography for years but so should your clients and fans. A properly planned shot list for your event will funnel your social media, website, enewsletters, marketing materials and more for years to come. Whether you need a corporate shot set, product photographer or a heartfelt video story to amplify the experience for those that missed it… we’re your crew!

Location/scouting/off site if needed

If you have all the ingredients but no place to party, we’ve got you covered! From private exclusive clubs to outdoor venues for 10,000. Wineries to golf courses. As always, we’ll keep your brand front and center and make sure the venue that is perfect in size is also perfect for your brand. Your location and the overall experience should reflect your culture, and we’re here to ambassador this.


Every event is as unique as your business and brand. Generally we work with your budget and reverse engineer the options that can be offered with that purse. On occasion we will also offer a few additional magic ingredients and a budget for those. Every quote is custom. Let us whip up the perfect experience for you to nurture long lasting memories for your guests!

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

Paul J. Meyer

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