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How it works

Geofencing allows us to serve ads to your customers based on their physical activities and the places they visit. Once they’ve been within your geofence, we can continue to serve them targeted ads for up to 30 days after their initial visit. These ads are served in whatever online spaces these customers frequent – be it either through their favorite apps or the sites they visit online.

Efficiently reaching your customers through advertising is directly connected to how many chances you get to speak to them before they make their buying decision. As we often tell our clients, studies show that each and every digital marketing conversion comes after a minimum of 7 online interactions with a user. We utilize a variety of digital marketing tactics that can reach individual users multiple times – but what if you could isolate your targeting efforts to a specific geographic location, helping ensure that you can reach your customers at the right moment and in the right setting? This is where Geofencing comes in.

To learn more about how Geofencing could work for you, watch the video below.

How can Geofencing be used?


Utilize addressable geofencing to target households, subdivisions, communities and more.


Target buildings, nearby traffic, and even your place of business for customer loyalty marketing.


Target your customers while they are at retailers or your competitor’s locations.


Tradeshows & Event Venues

Target event, conference, or tradeshow attendees at stadiums, venues, and expo centers.


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