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Touch your customers where they play, shop and explore.

Let zö’s geofencing specialists draw an invisible fence around your customers activities and invite them to spend time with you instead.

Fence their activities

Retarget and
invite to you

Bring in
the leads!

Your potential customers have habits.
We can meet them there!

If your ideal customer visits the local hardware store every day but we want them to shop you not them – we simply draw an invisible ‘geo fence’ around that store, and anyone that walks in gets ads about you instead.
How can a pool of people already visiting like stores, learning about you, help you?

Tapping the people already in search of your products in real time.

Geo fencing services by zö – designed for connection

Talking to your ideal customer right when they are looking for your product sounds dreamy, right? Well, if you’re a florist and we geofence other florists, they’ll know YOU exist as soon as they open their next app.  Maybe even while in that long line at the competitor florist.

At zö, we create geofences that get you noticed and target your best prospects with precision. Plus we monitor your campaigns with hawk-like intensity, always looking to improve results.

Put our digital geofencing team to work for your business so you can focus on what you do best!

  • You don’t have to be a geofencing expert. We are!
  • Results-oriented: we measure and track and optimize for you.
  • Focused & passionate about getting results for your business.
  • Let us show you the instantaneous magic of geofencing!
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We fiercely manage your budgets and optimize campaigns to give you the best results.

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Check your custom dashboard to see how our digital campaigns grow your business.

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We take work off your plate so that you can focus on what’s important – running an efficient and profitable company!

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Geofencing is about retargeting ads to
specific audiences and tracking their performance.

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Frequently Asked
Geofencing Questions

Geofencing marketing is a highly targeted marketing strategy that sets up a virtual boundary according to your business’s research and direction. This geofence tracks when potential customers cross into your assigned boundary. When they do a targeted advertisement for your brand, service or storefront is sent to their mobile device. The main benefit of geofencing for marketing is the ability to target potential customers when they are already near your location or when they are visiting a competitor to encourage them to comparison shop, highlight your brand or make a special offer.

Geofence marketing campaigns are highly effective because they can be tailored to send advertisements to potential customers who are already within a preset radius of your storefront(s). Geofencing sends people your targeted ad (perhaps with a coupon or special offer) only when they are conveniently near your store. Geofencing service providers can also put a virtual fence around your competitors location(s) or, if you are a fast food franchise, around all other local fast food restaurants and send your advertisement to people getting lunch or dinner down the street. Rather than blanket marketing to a broad audience, geofence marketing campaigns are highly focused and target potential customers who are already looking for what you sell or already in close vicinity to your store or products.

This will depend on a lot of factors. You will need to determine your strategy first. If you want to target people near your business location(s), how wide will you cast your virtual net? If your ice cream shop wants to target all of your nearby competitors, how big a radius will you cover? How many ice cream shops will you geofence? How long will you run your geofencing marketing campaign? All of these questions and others will make a big difference in determining your overall costs. If you geofence a stadium for a game or concert where your product is being sold, that could be an expensive buy.

Because of the many variables involved in every campaign, your geofencing marketing pricing with zō agency will be determined mostly by your business needs and your expected MROI. We encourage you to contact us about your needs, hopes and dreams and we will work with you to customize your campaign as well as your geofencing pricing.

Targeted marketing campaigns will find that there are many great geofencing uses. Virtual geofences can be created around your location, in the store or parking lot of your local competitors, in and around a stadium during game time, in a competitors real estate development or just about anywhere your potential customers will gather. This means your business can target potential customers who are already looking for or thinking about the products you sell and/or who are near to your location. This raises the probability of a response greatly. Another feature geofencing uses is tracking conversion from your ads, which allows you to track their effectiveness.

Ads are created and sent to your customers only when they meet the geofencing criteria you set up ahead of time. The main criteria is that your potential customers and their mobile devices enter a virtual boundary area that you have prescribed. It could be a 3-mile radius from your storefront(s), a 5-mile radius from a tourist attraction or landmark near your business, the parking lots of all of your main competitors, all ice cream stores in a certain zip code or even stadium events.

Like any good marketing campaign, geofencing for business begins with a clear strategy that identifies an ideal customer, the reason for the campaign, a desired outcome and a budget built from an anticipated MROI. From your strategy you can quickly identify your specific geofencing boundaries that will provide ads to your most likely customers, optimizing your success!