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Our advertising consultants in Bend Oregon are here to help. You will see we even have offices in other areas, when you’re searching for Washington advertising agencies and Carlsbad advertising agencies. We cover many areas.

Why Media Buying?

One of the most common mistakes businesses make is buying ads in all kinds of places thinking this or that might be just the right fit (depending on how great the salesperson was of the media). The next thing you know you have money blowing out the door and no way of knowing if anything is working, and if so, what was it?

Media buying is actually a specialization.

Very few business owners do this without an agent, with success. Some get lucky by developing a close relationship with a local rep in some medium such as radio, and the price is right and the results are happening! But what if you’re not one of the lucky ones? How many thousands of dollars are you willing to spend before you find out? Best to to get one of our Bend Oregon digital advertising experts on your side or speak with one of our advertising consultants in Olympia, Washington or our advertising consultants in Carlsbad California.

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Agents ask mediums for proposed plans via an RFP and study apples to apples.

And we take into consideration the demographics of your best audiences, the geography, the socio factors and even things like landscapes (for example, radio towers will not emit frequency through that ski mountain you operate next to). We analyze the audience sizes of the mediums, the price per set of ears and eyes. We also factor in the type of messaging and which medium would deliver your ad most impactfully.

Media buyers are trained and informed analysts of data

Our advertising consultants in Olympia, WA, Bend, OR, and Carlsbad, CA, are unbiased and don’t play favorites with their local reps. They work on behalf of the client! And, we know what is meaningful and what is just fluff that pads the budget. We negotiate for the right kind of rates and added value so you, our dear client, get the VERY best deal possible. After the analysis is reviewed, we place the buy via insertion orders and we manage the ad process.

Did you know you can have a professional media buyer do all of that work at no cost to you?

It’s true – most agents simply take 15% of the buy! So, you get the very best negotiated deal with the advertising medium (billboard, newsprint, weekly, radio, TV) saving you gobs of dough, with lots of added value such as free ads, additional space or similar, and then you only pay them 85% of that negotiated price! You pay us the other 15%. Now what are you waiting for? Take that burden off your shoulders and hand it over to the tribe of experts!

So whether you’re looking for advertising consultants in Bend Oregon, Washington advertising agencies oreven Carlsbad advertising agencies, our team can help.

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”

Mark Twain

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