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Why Print?

No matter how digital our world becomes (and boy has it!), there is always a place for print to bring depth, color, story and emotion into the hands of your clients and staff. You know that feeling when you get a hand addressed letter in the mail? Or that new magazine chock full of articles you want to read? Or that dusty old library book classic? That buzz is print. Print fills us up like no email, blog or audible book can.

When selecting which items should be printed, always think about the longevity of the piece.

The last thing you want is for it to make it from your stash to the recycle bin in zero point zero seconds. Your print material should convey something that has meaning beyond a quick glance. Valuable content, brand centric visuals on paper stocks that feeeeeeel good in the hand.

A business card is not ‘out of date’ just because rolodex’s don’t adorn the average desk any more.

A business card is an opportunity to hand a new acquaintance something as you introduce yourself. Two weeks later that person may find the card in their pant pocket as they prepare clothes for the dry cleaner, and think of you again. They may enter that information in their phone or pop it in a tray on their desk to remind them to call you later.

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Every business deserves a basic suite of items such as letterhead and envelopes, business cards and brochures. Most businesses also use posters and signs, postcards, door hangers, stickers and fridge magnets.

“The printing press is the greatest weapon in the armoury of the modern commander.”

– T. E. Lawrence

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