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Originally a Public Relations agency in Bend Oregon, we are now also a PR agency in Washington and California!

Got an up and coming bombtastic event in the works? Itching to hatch more leads? We’ll find the creative edge and help you spread the word to your target audience and those who matter the most. Public relations is one piece of the marketing cake that we’ll eat for you (because we love saving you from the hassle and hair-pulling this cake comes with so you can get back to doing what you do best). Launching a new product or service? Looking to make a major, primetime-TV-worthy announcement about your business? Talk to us because we got you covered!

Choose from any of the following zo locations:
PR consultants in Bend Oregon
Carlsbad, California PR consultants
Olympia, Washington PR consultants

Build Your Street Credit

Protect and polish your image. Treat it like a new shining star that never stops glowing or thriving. People love to feel at ease, like they’re in the right hands, so it’s about time to build the street credit everyone’s gonna swoon over. Let our tribe take the storytelling reins for you whether it’s with brand development, media production, copywriting or creating topnotch pitches and finding the savviest places to publish. The bottom line is to get into the hearts and minds of your soon-to-be biggest fans and followers. We’re here every step of the way and ready for any challenge!

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Steal the Spotlight

Your competitors may be fierce, but so are you. We’re here to transform your fierceness so you’re #1 in that department. We’ll analyze every angle of your competitors strengths and weaknesses, and take what we’ve discovered to shape your persona into nothing but pure wow factor. Our tribe is all about turning heads and stealing hearts. Let us help you reach showstopper-status and we’ll guarantee you’ll be stealing the hearts of your competitors too. Soak in what it feels like now because we’re ready to make it happen for you!

Quality Over Quantity

Good copywriting is free of spelling or grammatical errors. Great copywriting gets your point across. Incredible and awesomesauce copywriting unifies your values, aspirations, messaging, and brand voice so it does the selling for you. What copywriting boat do you want to sail away on? Our boat is all about high quality copy and building maximum trust with your soon-to-be clients on every webpage, with every sentence. Come join us cause you can bet our copywriting boat is top-of-the-line. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the best vantage point on deck where you’ll always be front and center in your customer’s eyes!

Why public relations?

If you’ve got the next best thing brewing and stewing in your mind, the rest of the world needs to know about it. It’s time to share your greatness so everyone can benefit. The time to shine is now and we’ll help you reach your full star potential. Public relations starts with a story. A story so powerful or meaningful that it captures the attention of the media and everyone watching. We know the media, we know you have a story to tell, and we know what it takes to get you seen and heard like the superstar you are!

Why copywriting?

Every word, every sentence, serves a purpose. On your website, blog, or social media channels, you get one shot to impress the right people. Make them stick around. Make them crave more. Make them your new pal or bestie. Heck, make the little voice in their heads scream with glee, “why didn’t I know about you before!?” Be the answer to their problems. All of this starts with the right words and the stellar copywriting used to tell your story. Let us craft your copy in your tone and voice cause we’re trained to speak your language AND your dream customer’s language!

Don’t forget we have::
PR consultants in Bend Oregon
Carlsbad, California PR consultants
And Olympia, Washington PR consultants!

“The secret of all effective advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships.”

Leo Burnett

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