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7 Ways to Effectively Market Your Roofing Business | zo agency

Marketing your Roofing business in your local market has changed drastically over the past decade.  Where you used to advertise on your local radio and newspaper and make sure your Yellow Pages ad made a splash and had all the right information, now there are many effective ways to get your business in front of your community.  Listed below are our top seven roofing marketing strategies!

1- Maximize Your Website

In today’s internet saturated world your number one roofing company marketing priority is creating a quality, updated, fast and mobile phone responsive website!  Number ONE is to maximize your website!  This is not a difficult task but it can be irksome and complex for people who really want to be replacing roofs and roofing new homes and buildings, not trying to figure out the backend of their website.  

If your website cannot be easily read on a mobile device, if you don’t know how SEO can work with your website to drive traffic, if your website doesn’t wow people and make it very easy for them to get the information they need about your roofing company, then you need to get help from a roofing marketing agency with your website.

2- Get on Social Media

This may sound a little daunting, especially if your Facebook account has basically been dormant for the past two years, but it can really make a difference when marketing your roofing business.  Establishing an active presence on social media means creating relevant and accurate profiles on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.  When you do this and stay connected to these sources of potential customers you can also make sure that anyone can:

  • Locate information about your roofing business
  • Ask you questions
  • Submit reviews
  • Read your blog posts and customer reviews

3- Build and Leverage Your Brand

Brand is not just having a cool logo and tagline, like Nike’s “Swoosh” and “Just Do It”.  Establishing your brand is also a great way to define who you are as a company, show how you stand out from your competition and leverage the power of SEO in Google.  When you think of common roofing marketing strategies, branding might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but branding has become one of the most sought after strategies in marketing recently.  Not only does it help you identify and clarify your most important values, resources, specialties, qualities and reasons for doing business, but it also helps you to convey those things to your potential customers.

4- Create an Email Campaign

Email campaigns are another roofing company marketing strategy that can get you traction in your market.   Perhaps the most effective email campaign is sending regular Newsletters on topics of importance and potential interest to all of your contacts.  E-Newsletters are a fantastic way to reach out to your contact list, recent inquiries from your website and other local potential customers.  It is essential that these newsletters offer quality information that builds trust and focuses an interested client’s attention on how your expertise can help solve their problems.   

5- Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business to Google Search users who have already indicated interest in roofing or who are starting a search for roofing needs.  They are tailored pop-up ads that populate on Google and Social Media platforms and offer your roofing services to people whose search histories indicate they may be likely customers.  You only pay for the ads when potential customers click on your ad and then are led to your website or a special advertising page on your website (thus the name pay per click).  

6- Local Media

Having an advertising presence with local media is still an effective way to get your business in front of a lot of potential customers and to build name recognition and presence in your market.  TV, Radio, magazines, newspapers and billboards are all traditional media for local advertising. And they are all still effective at communicating your business name, specialties, special events and even your brand to a wide swath of potential local customers!  

7- Swag

Placing your business name and logo on hats, t-shirts, jackets, coffee mugs and a vast array of other swag helps to communicate your business name, a professional image and a feel for your brand to your customers and community.  A great logo is still an attractive and memorable symbol for marketing your roofing business.  

Shortcut: Hire a Roofing Marketing Agency!

Each of these strategies is more like an excellent spoke in the highly effective wheel that is your overall roofing marketing strategy.   A great roofing marketing agency will happily and professionally develop an overall strategy that will likely involve any or all of these seven strategies and more if you want or need them.  And we’ll have a blast doing it!

zo Agency

We are a creative full service marketing agency with lots of experience with lots of fantastic businesses, including roofing companies.  We will work closely with our clients to learn the intricacies of your specific company and your local market to discover your greatest needs. 

Once we know who you are and who you need to reach we can offer a wide array of professional marketing services including a branding workshop, logo creation, website development, SEO, social media, PPC, newspaper, TV, radio, business cards, letterhead and loads of swag!

Contact us at!

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