Awaken Your Business’s Growth with the Help of Our Psychic Marketing Power!

As your extraordinary marketing wizards, we possess the otherworldly ability to tap into your thoughts and desires.  But don’t worry! We won’t spill the beans on THOSE THINGS you’ve been thinking about. Trust us when we say that through our years of experience honing our talents, we already know what you need, even before you […]


Business can be summed up in seven words: Late nights, early mornings, give me coffee. KIDDING! How about this instead: Attracting and converting customers for a profit. Just seven words. Simple, right? Well, not always. It might be uncomplicated to boil down the concept into one sentence, but these seven words can be reeeeeaaaallllyyy difficult […]

Online Marketing 

The sun beams comfortably down on you, you’ve packed your favorite sandwich and a personal-sized bag of chips, and a light breeze kindly sweeps past. You’ve got on your waterproof pants and welly boots, your line is baited with a wriggling worm, and you’re ready to wade in and cast your line. As any angler […]

How to Choose a Full Service Marketing Agency

Most businesses need marketing agencies for at least some of their advertising. The strategy of bidding out specific marketing tasks that absolutely cannot get done in house, while common, has its benefits as well as its drawbacks. The benefits are getting the right pricing, professional services, on-time delivery and sometimes magic happens and the outcome […]

SWAG! What is It? Why Use It?

The Meaning of Swag There are several explanations for the origins of the word “swag.” In the 1800’s, swag was known as the loot taken in a robbery. Since it was often put in a bag for a quick getaway it led to the phrase “swag bag.” At the peak of the dotcom boom swag […]

What Is A Marketing Campaign?

The dictionary answer to “what is a marketing campaign” is: “an organized course of action to promote and sell a product or service, or to achieve a goal.” Let’s break that down into more understandable parts. This simple definition leads to more questions than it answers and widely opens the door for a marketing campaign […]

The Top Five Marketing Resources

This blog is for those who want to know how to learn more about marketing and how to use the many marketing tools available today to build and grow their business. Each of these five resource areas will fill your mind with creative ideas and your toolbox with useful tools, and help you learn more […]

Giving Your Marketing Agency Effective Feedback

The importance of effective feedback is immeasurable and marketing agencies are always looking for feedback on their projects. No matter how good an agency is, it can always use constructive criticism to improve its services. But what makes feedback effective and how do you go about delivering effective performance feedback? Read on to find out!   […]

Choosing the Right Marketing Mediums for Campaigns & Audiences

Marketing mediums are how businesses convey their brand, message or products through advertising. Where do you want your advertising dollars to work for you? Marketing is as old as gossip. But as populations grew and became more educated, advertisers began focusing on visually attractive and readable mediums to tell the world about their businesses. Signs, […]

How Is Event Marketing Valuable for Brands?

Clarifying the unique elements of your brand is one of the most effective ways for your business to better connect with your potential customers. Unless you are completely confident in your brand and in why you do what you do, a first step in your brand marketing events strategy should be to clarify your brand […]