The Top Five Marketing Resources

This blog is for those who want to know how to learn more about marketing and how to use the many marketing tools available today to build and grow their business. Each of these five resource areas will fill your mind with creative ideas and your toolbox with useful tools, and help you learn more about marketing in general. Below you will find the best resources for marketers looking to expand their marketing prowess, divided into five categories.

1. Online Courses

Some of the courses available to you are free while others will require an investment in your business marketing education. 

Hubspot Academy  

This site offers a ton of free online courses on how to learn more about marketing. Their “Digital Marketing” and “Website Optimization” courses are particularly thorough and will give you great information on inbound marketing, strategies for digital marketing and optimizing your website for SEO.

Hootsuite Academy

These courses charge a fee either for the course or in some instances to take the exam and get your certificate. They offer courses on a range of social media topics and on how to use their own platforms.

2. Blogs

The CoSchedule Blog

The great thing about the CoSchedule Blog is that it produces in-depth and engaging content on a wide range of marketing issues. Recent topics include: How to Sell on TikTok, Creating WordPress Headlines, Social Media Content Calendar and project management. The blog also provides readers with downloadable resources that improve the learning experience.

The Moz Blog

The Moz Blog is one of the best blogs available that helps you learn more about marketing. Their articles do a great job of simplifying complex strategies so that they become applicable for real-world marketers. Although a lot of the Moz Blog’s content deals with SEO, their marketing resources are far more extensive.


SalesHacker is one of the best resources for marketers who value new content, offering valuable insights into how to get great long-term results from a huge network of contributors. Each SalesHacker article is in-depth and actionable. This makes the topics fresh, easy to understand and simple to apply to whatever you need for your marketing. 

3. Podcasts

Online Marketing Made Easy

This is a weekly podcast with marketing strategist Amy Porterfield and hundreds of thousands of people listen regularly to learn more about marketing. Amy’s podcast will certainly help you learn more about crushing it on social media, entrepreneurship or shaking things up with your team.

Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Siu

These two very popular marketing experts offer a ton of brief episodes loaded with actionable ideas and advice on specific topics. With almost 2200 episodes there is something or (some) many things for everyone!

Revenue Cafe by Breadcrumbs 

Episodes involve conversations with experts on topics designed to provide your business with lots of marketing resources with a special focus on revenue acceleration.

4. Books

Whether or not you still like the feel and smell of paper and ink, don’t go anywhere without your Kindle or really dig your audiobooks, they are a great vehicle for solving your struggles with how to learn more about marketing.

The Undoing Project, by Michael Lewis

This New York Times bestseller is psychology based and explores the reasons why people make their decisions and how marketing can use this information to punch the right buttons and increase their sales. 

Hug Your Haters, by Jim Baer

This book addresses a dilemma that most businesses struggle with: giving outstanding customer service. It offers great tools for reconfiguring your customer service so that customers and clients are blown away by their great experiences with your business.

Social Marketing Strategy, by Simon Kingsnorth

This has become a social marketing textbook used in marketing programs at many universities. It is now in its second edition after becoming an international bestseller. 

5. YouTube Channels

Talk about a proliferation of information and also quite a bit of expert content, YouTube has it all. There are courses on YouTube to teach us how to learn things ON YouTube! To help you distinguish the really good from the not so good, here are a few recommendations.

Brian Dean

As the founder of Backlinko, one of the premier SEO training sites, Brian only posts on YouTube once or twice a month. So when he does create a new video it is chock full of  great information. His goal is, “teaching you insanely actionable SEO, link building and content marketing strategies that you can use to grow your business.”

Sunny Lenarduzzi

Among the best resources for marketers on YouTube is Sunny’s channel. She is a YouTube and social media marketing expert who releases new videos twice a week. Her recent topics include “Find Your Niche,” “5 Strategies I used to make my first Million dollars” and topics on how to work smarter not harder.

Marketing 360 

Marketing 360 is specifically focused on marketing small businesses. They have an extensive video collection of how-to guides and interviews with marketing gurus on topics like marketing in a recession, the importance of brand, work and stress, teamwork and how to move your business forward.


Honestly, there are a ton of excellent resources out there for you to learn from. But there are a lot of not so great ones that you don’t want to waste your time with, also. Hopefully the information in this blog will help you discern the wheat from the chaff and provide you with the marketing resources you need to build a successful business. 

But if you ever need a full service marketing agency with the expertise, experience and capabilities to take your business to the next level fast so that you can keep growing the business you know best, you can find us at!

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