How Dental SEO Marketing Will Help Grow Your Practice

Your Dental Practice is a local business working in a limited geographical area from which to draw new customers.  You don’t have to compete with national and international businesses for the top spots on Google Searches.  But you do want to be on the top of the heap when people in your area search for […]

What is Ad Recall in Digital Marketing?

There is a magical metric that a digital marketing agency leans on to deliver solid answers to their clients about the performance of their advertising efforts. It is called ad recall; it estimates how many people would remember seeing your ads if they were asked within a couple of days. This optimization feature delivers you […]

Digital Video Advertising

Do you remember the good old days when TV was just a black and white box with a single channel? Me neither. Television has come a long way in the past few decades, evolving into what we now call “digital video advertising.”  Advertisers have been using videos to get their messages across for decades, but […]

Tips to Optimize Your Website for Each Stage of the Buying Cycle

If you have been in business for a while you know that not everyone who visits your website or your store is ready to buy, able to buy or even interested in buying. The four stages of the customer buying cycle are a helpful way to not only understand how sales is a process but […]

How to Use Digital Advertising Trends to Boost Your Business

The advertising of today is vastly different from just a few decades ago. And the pace of change is creating lots of new opportunities and trends for boosting your business. Let’s look at seven of them. 1-Google and Facebook Ads One of the great benefits of Google and Facebook advertisements, also known as Pay Per […]

How Newsletter Campaigns Promote Your Business

Newsletters are sometimes defined as one-to-many emails, because businesses are emailing a large number of people at one time, over a period of time or scheduled for a specific time in the future. They are definitely an essential element in a strong content marketing strategy. The idea behind content marketing is that businesses who create […]

8 Benefits of a Good Digital Marketing Strategy

Some of the benefits you can expect when you develop and put into practice a digital strategy for business marketing. 1. Get More for Less Any time someone suggests that you can get more of something you want for less of what you don’t want it should probably raise some concerns. More of what? And […]

Why Blogging Matters for Business, Here’s Everything You Need to Know

If you own a company, you know that you always need to be on top of trends, continuously adjusting to the unending changes in the marketing landscape. One form of marketing that has been consistent in supporting this over the past decade or so is blogging. This article discusses how blogs work for business.  Every […]

SaaS Advertising Secrets to Boost Paid ROI | zo agency

Digital advertising for SaaS companies is a bit more specialized than for traditional companies, in part because a lot of potential clients do not know what cloud based software is. When you  develop your SaaS advertising approach there are a few secrets that we have found are extremely helpful in streamlining your process for greater […]