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Why New Content for Your Website Fuels Your Content Marketing Strategy | zo agency

Your website is alive. It’s a living, breathing presence on the internet.

So with any living entity, it needs regular care and attention to grow and thrive, right?

Each update and tweak to your website contributes to its “aliveness.” New content shows the world that your business is hard at work and busy. And it plays a huge part in fueling your content marketing strategy.

Everyone LOVES new and shiny stuff, right? And when there’s new, juicy content to consume, it’s the same. When done right, you’ll gain more love and appreciation from everyone including your visitors, customers, and search engines.

An active, flourishing website is so important these days. Treat your online presence like a living being, an extension of your physical business, and give it the care and attention it deserves.

Because if your website doesn’t have anything new to offer, and it gets buried in the dark abyss of the internet (also known as page 3 or further in Google search results), then it becomes a dead entity.

And a dead entity = a dead business.

The good news? It’s easy to keep your website alive and happy with some fresh content here and there.

From repurposing content to SEO and content marketing, there are tons of ways to tell those search engines and your future customers, “Hey, look at us! We’re still here and we’ve got some new, super rad stuff to share with you.”

So if you want your business to consistently bloom and prosper, let’s take a closer look at some content marketing strategy best practices.

1. Build trust to boost your reputation.

With the rise of fake news and the bombardment of information we’re subjected to on a daily basis, it’s vital to build trust with each and every potential customer.

Trust is the cornerstone of a positive brand or company. So how can you work at building up that confidence in your audience too?

Educate, entertain, and engage by creating unique and high-quality content. Then rinse and repeat.

Whether it’s through a new blog post, a social media campaign, or a how-to video, a little piece of new, yet highly helpful content, goes a long way. Remember, quality over quantity is gold.

Because the more value you provide, the easier and faster it’ll be to build the trust you want and to stop any signs of hesitation in its tracks.

When people start to notice that you’re always updating your website presence or publishing new stuff across different platforms, they’ll also start to think, “Hey, I see this business everywhere, and I like what they have to say!”

At Z’Onion, we know that content keeps you alive and connected in the ever-changing world of business in both the real world and on the internet.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about where to even start with your content marketing strategy, reach out to us. Let’s hear all about your concerns because we’re all ears!

2. Improve your SEO efforts with optimized content.

Creating new content seriously takes up a ton of precious time. But the right content creation services will work for you, not against you.

One key way that new content will help with your marketing efforts is by improving your SEO.

New content tells everyone that your website still exists, but optimized content gets your business seen, heard, and recognized.

A solid SEO and content marketing strategy will work to your advantage because today, search engines still drive 93% of all website traffic.

And when you keep feeding those search engines new pages to index, the more there is to show when people search for that specific keyword or phrase. Hence, the better the chances are of the right audience coming across your content and your website.

The other upside to new content? It gives visitors and your potential customers another reason to stick around. The search engines will reward you for this since it tells them that your site is more important and engaging if people are spending more time on YOUR website rather than your competition’s site.

So do you want the best content marketing strategy you’ve ever had? You should! Take your content to the next level, and let us do the hard work for you so you can sit back and watch the magic happen.

3. Generate and convert new leads

The content journey is a lifecycle—a cycle that also takes your customer on a journey. And journeys rarely start and finish overnight.

Remember you’re playing the long game with your content marketing strategy. It takes time to win over a customer because they want to be 110% sure that what you’re offering is perfect for them.

So it’s vital to give them valuable content and offer up as many opportunities as you can for them to engage with you and your business on a regular basis.

But how do you know if what you’re doing is working or if it’s time to pivot your strategy?

Look at your conversions.

From someone signing up for your mailing list, watching a video, clicking on an ad, or commenting on your latest social media post, take a look at what’s attracting and garnering the most attention.

Figure out what people are reacting to, what they want MORE of, and then feed it to them, bit by bit, until they’re ready for the ultimate main course (aka your stellar products or services).

Or, when you know a piece of content is nearing the end of its lifecycle, you can reboot it again by going back and updating it with even more VALUE.

For example, you can majorly spruce up your most popular blog post with an enticing lead magnet that offers your visitors some bonus material.

It’s a win-win for your content marketing strategy since you’re more likely to get opt-ins from a popular blog post versus one that’s static and outdated.

Speaking of outdated, content turns stale after a few years—think broken links, old examples, obsolete services, and products you don’t offer anymore, etc.—so it’s equally important to go back and freshen up that content up so it stays current and relevant.

And here’s the bottom line.

What would you do if you came across a completely cringe-worthy website with migraine-inducing colors, links and pages that no longer exist, and no social media presence since 2012?

Would you feel confident in what they offered? Or would you close that tab with lighting-speed and erase your history and cookies (in case you contracted a virus)?

People want to know the business they choose is healthy and trustworthy. Rest assured, our full service advertising agency of experts is here for you. We’ll look after your website with pride and gusto while whipping your marketing and content marketing strategy into tip top shape. Promise!

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