Don’t. Just don’t.

I hate to admit it, but I treat most sales people a bit like dirty Junk Mail.

I give both a quick look over, a nod to where they came from and that’s it unless there is a hook or a look that makes me want to know more. Otherwise, give me a break! I am busy! I am too overwhelmed to absorb the whole story you’re about to pitch me!

Sales people, just like direct mail, you get about 3 seconds of my time to make an impact, turn my head and steal my heart. You better be good.

So how do you win me over? Get straight to the point. Assume I am smart enough to understand the point and make a decision without a lengthy explanation. If your pitch is good, you can trust I will ask more questions if I need clarification. If your message is drab or meaningless, see ya later!

Yes I am talking to the sales person and the cute little postcard in my mailbox both.

Lay it on me quick! You have 3 seconds (or 2.3 if you’re a billboard). It better be creative, impactful and head turning babe! Don’t start with a long history about how your group is the oldest radio group in the region, or if you’re my orthodontists direct mail, how reputable you are and your long list of credentials. I don’t care. I mean, I might care LATER. But remember, this is a first impression. I am not ready to meet your family yet.

Face it- most business owners are up to their eyeballs in things that are MUCH more important than your whimsical stories or curriculum vitae. Even if your story were to lead up to something they REALLY should know about, they just don’t have time to slaughter the cow to get to the meat.

And this, my friend, is an unapologetic plug for the advertising agency in your life.

Let your creative marketing agency solve both of these issues.

Did you know we field all your media solicitations so you don’t have to skip one minute of your precious day. We are actually quite entertained by the process plus we’re doing it for dozens of clients per region so we filter the goods through our ‘bullshit-o-meters’ and save just the good stuff to share with you at our monthly meeting. All you have to do is whip out the magic words ‘talk with my agency’ and bam! Back to work you go!

Plug number two for a creative agency like yours truly? Let us get the first impression right for you. If you’re going to tell the world about your stunning new product at 50% off, let’s get it perfect the first time. Otherwise you might as well stuff everyone’s mail with dollar bills, which would get more attention and ultimately cost you less because the takeaway is not ‘ewww, how boring are those guys’.

You know where to find us!

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