Giving Your Marketing Agency Effective Feedback

The importance of effective feedback is immeasurable and marketing agencies are always looking for feedback on their projects. No matter how good an agency is, it can always use constructive criticism to improve its services. But what makes feedback effective and how do you go about delivering effective performance feedback? Read on to find out!  

How to Give Effective Feedback During a Project

When working with a marketing agency, you’ll want to be sure you’re continuously providing constructive feedback so that the agency can understand what you liked and didn’t like about the project. In other words, let the agency know what you think could be improved, and offer suggestions on how to make changes. This will help the agency provide you with the best possible service on future projects. 

Good communication is essential when working with any team, and this is especially true when it comes to providing feedback on projects. It’s important to be able to give criticism that is both specific and helpful while not having to worry about damaging relationships.

Here are a few tips for providing feedback that your marketing agency will value: 

  • Let them know about something you love about the project they’re working on!
  • Definitely let them know if something isn’t quite right.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – it’s better to ask now than later.
  • Be patient – marketing campaigns take time to plan and execute.
  • Stay involved – check in on the progress of your campaign and provide feedback when necessary.
  • Thank your agency for their hard work – they appreciate it!

Being clear about what you like and don’t like about each project is what makes feedback effective. This might seem obvious, but making your thoughts known will help the marketing agency understand where they need to make changes. Saying something like, “I like what you’ve done here, but this part isn’t quite what we were going for.” Rest assured, they want to get it exactly right for you and they rely on your clear and concise feedback to do so.

Guidance from Your Trusted Marketing Agency

When your marketing agency is giving you guidance, it’s usually based on specific processes. Agencies rely heavily on their internal processes and usually have strict standard operation procedures and protocol around how their team communicates with each other, and how their team communicates with you, their client.

A standard operating procedure (SOP) is an internal document providing explicit directions for completing certain tasks. You want your marketing agency to be clear around how they operate on every level so that they are helpful in letting you know exactly what you should be doing and what you can expect – and an SOP is one really effective way that they can make that happen.

There might be an internal flow chart document, giving a visual about what happens at each step along the way during project(s). It will outline what platforms are to be used in corresponding within the team and with clients, what software is used for managing the projects and what each role is responsible for along the way.

Be watching whatever channel your marketing agency has directed you to use in communicating with them, whether that be by email, text or a combination of those and a project software. If they need something from you to continue, they will not hesitate to let you know! And don’t be afraid to reach out if you need something, either. Your marketing agency should know exactly what’s happening at all times and where to go from here. And if you’ve chosen a great marketing agency, then you can embrace the process and know that you are in good hands.

Here is one example of guidance we regularly provide our clients through projects:

If you are collecting input from multiple people, it is very important that you come back to your marketing agency with one unified voice so theyhave a clear path forward. You don’t want to mark up any of the edit documents provided with multiple voices, as it won’t be clear on who has the strongest say. It is best to assign one person to this task in order to bring your edits into one unified voice for the most expedient implementation and to avoid possible conflict.

Delivering Effective Performance Feedback – In a Review!

After working with a marketing agency, always remember to leave feedback in the way of a review for them. This is one of the only ways others can know what level of service they can expect and can also help an agency improve their processes in order to give everyone the best possible service. 

While writing your review you might think about revealing things such as:

  • How well the agency understood your business and what you were looking to achieve with your marketing campaigns.
  • Whether the agency was proactive in coming up with ideas and strategies, or if you had to provide most of the direction.
  • How effective the agency’s campaigns were in achieving your desired results.
  • If you would recommend the agency to other businesses.
  • If you would work with them again in future.

Be sure to leave an honest review. When it comes to agencies and their ability to deliver quality work, your voice is important and can make all the difference. 

Working Harmoniously with Your Marketing Agency

You can’t beat the importance of effective feedback and having a good working relationship with your marketing agency is the key to success with that. By communicating openly and frequently, being organized and responsive and staying on top of changes in the industry, you can help ensure that your campaigns run smoothly and achieve the desired results. 

Are you still wondering how to give effective feedback? Well, here at zö agency, we honor the art of communication. Our team appreciates clear feedback and offers professional guidance and support to help your business succeed. We are excited to work with you and watch your brand grow. Contact us today!

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