How Is Event Marketing Valuable for Brands?

Clarifying the unique elements of your brand is one of the most effective ways for your business to better connect with your potential customers. Unless you are completely confident in your brand and in why you do what you do, a first step in your brand marketing events strategy should be to clarify your brand internally. 

Conducting or hosting a branding workshop is an effective way to start. Through the process of a branding workshop, your leadership team(s) cooperate in making big discoveries about values, vision, principles and how to best portray these to the world, and particularly to potential customers. Results vary widely but often lead to changes in messaging, culture, logos, colors, design elements, website design, etc. 

In a smaller company this rebranding may be easily communicated in staff meetings and small groups. However, in companies with larger staffs, communicating these changes may require planning an event. A training and appreciation event can be a very effective way to inform, excite and train your staff to understand and communicate your brand to your customers. 

When exploring how to increase market presence, brand events are creative ways to inform the public about your products and services and to showcase your brand. Brand marketing events cover a broad swath of possibilities and are open to vast creativity, but one thing is certain – when done well, they are fantastic ways to fulfill these four priorities:

1-Exposing Your Brand to Potential Customers 

When it comes to exposing your brand to a select demographic of people, trade shows and conferences draw large numbers of potential customers and are teeming with opportunity. Whether you offer a seminar or sponsor a booth there are many ways to positively expose attendees to your brand. 

Other options for broad exposure include hosting a webinar that highlights your brand and the value of your unique products and/or services or outdoor events that offer opportunities for people to sample products and get exposed to your brand. Event marketing has tremendous potential to put your brand in front of a predetermined group of people likely to be interested in your products and services. 

2-Increase Engagement with Your Customers

Events are high energy, high contact events that offer creative ways to inform the public about your brand. They provide excellent opportunities to engage and interact with your customers and potential customers. A lot of marketing is about brand awareness which means taking advantage of any and all opportunities for brand exposure. Events create opportunities for positive interactions with customers that allow them to learn more about your brand, products, services, vision and anything meaningful that you want to convey to them. 

High touch, high engagement events are catalytic ways to create positive experiences with people that get shared by word of mouth and social media. Which is why they are so important when thinking about how to increase market presence.

3-Inform Prospective and Faithful Customers

Unless your business is new, taking part in events will likely provide valuable exposure to a lot of faithful, as well as prospective, customers. Providing all of these people with up to date information, research, testimonials and especially access to your products (when possible), is a big plus with event marketing. But if you want to use event marketing as one of the creative ways to inform the public about your brand, you will need to be very well prepared. 

Events are competitive marketplaces. You will be surrounded by other businesses vying to attract the same pool of customers. Creating a booth that grab people’s attention, providing sample products, training demonstrators who can speak knowledgeably and positively about your products or services, creating a memorable logo and color scheme, professionally crafting swag, stickers, business cards, and an array of marketing materials, will all play a vital role in informing and growing awareness for your brand. 

4-Generate New Leads

From determining, designing and creating marketing materials and products, to printing, shipping and distributing them, it all needs to flow from a crystal clear commitment and understanding of your brand. The uniformity of your messaging will be the best way to build momentum and familiarity with your brand and generate new leads for your business.

Thoughtful event branding works because it creates memorable experiences for your participating customers, staff or other stakeholders.


Getting help with your brand strategy and/or event planning can be difficult and may sound expensive. However, trying to carry out these kinds of essential marketing efforts in house can also be more costly in time and in possibly wasted efforts. Full service marketing agencies like zö agency will meet any and all of your needs concerned with the question, “how is event marketing valuable for brands?” With decades of experience in all aspects of advertising and marketing small to medium sized businesses, zö agency will help your business thrive and grow at what you do best – your business.

From branding workshops, to event planning and organization, to printed materials, swag, event booths, follow-up and much more, zö agency will partner with you to meet your marketing needs. Contact us today at to learn more!

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