Looking For a Logo Redesign? Here’s What You Need To Know

Iconic logos are game changers! Logos that strongly convey your brand and are eye-catching will dramatically impact your own business. Business logos that nail it the first time are rare indeed (think Nike). So it is not unusual for a business to make some modifications to existing logos to better reflect its brand, the changing times or just to get a refreshing new look.

1. Why You Might Need a Logo Redesign

Businesses that are fortunate and savvy enough to last several decades may come to the realization that their logo that was designed in 1980 doesn’t have the same pizzazz it once did. Fonts become dated, colors go out of style (and back in style again if you wait long enough), your business name changes (your firm adds a partner) or other reasons can lead you to give your logo a creative redesign.

One of the real tricks with the logo design process is that your logo is a vital aspect of your business identity, brand and feel. You have probably loved it for a long time and it feels like losing an old friend. But by polishing up your old friend with a contemporary look, sleek font and dynamic color scheme, a logo redesign can create a lot of new energy and draw in a whole new generation of customers.

In order to discern whether your business really needs a logo redesign, take a little time to explore these 5 essential questions to guide your process and discern whether now is the time to jump in and do something fresh.

A. Have you made any significant changes to your business?

Have you expanded? Moved? Joined forces with or bought out a former competitor? Have you added some significant new staff? When your business expands or changes significantly, it may be a good time to redesign your logo.

B. Has a new competitor entered your market?

When the new kid in town comes in with all the bells and whistles and threatens your business it’s time to “up your game.” A logo update is one way to assure your existing customers that your business remains cutting edge and ahead of the curve.

C. Is it time to focus your attention on a younger audience?

Finding the balance between staying relevant to your loyal customers while also reaching younger consumers is the sweet spot for a logo update. When you get a great design for your new logo that seamlessly connects the best of the classic with  contemporary elements that connect with young consumers you can significantly expand your customer base.

D. Have the values or mission of your business and brand undergone considerable change?

Businesses evolve, grow, go new directions, hire new leaders and develop new products. When these things happen they naturally change the personality, values and mission. Redesigning your logo can be a great way to convey these changes.

E. Is your logo more reflective of the decade you started your business than of today?

This may be your only question, because if your logo best reflects the 1990’s then there are a lot of benefits to a fresh new redesign for your logo update. All of the best logo redesigns are also easily compatible with mobile devices, tablets, modern printers, etc.

2. Tips on the Logo Design Steps

Pursuing a logo redesign will likely include new branding, a new color scheme, new messaging and perhaps a modification of your company’s name (i.e. Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC). If you are contemplating a redesign it’s a great idea to consider these tips on how to think through your process.

A. Identify what is and isn’t working with your current logo design. 

Based on your brand identity, what elements of your current logo don’t communicate or reflect your brand? These are the elements you can ask to remove.

B. Identify what elements in your current logo must remain. 

What elements of your old logo must be incorporated in your new design because they strongly represent your brand, maintain continuity and effectively connect with you and your customers/clients.

C. Identify what new design elements you want to add. 

Based on your brand identity: 

  • Do you want to update your colors? 
  • Are you looking for a font change (do you have a font in mind)? 
  • Do you want to incorporate a specific design element that captures your business? 
  • Do you need to modify your company name?

D. How strongly associated with your current logo is your customer base? 

The closer the association between your logo and your customers, the more important it will be to maintain clear visual continuity between your old and new logo designs. Unless your rebrand is specifically about attracting new customers and you are willing to risk the loss of your previous customer base, then striking a balance here will prevent confusion and lower the potential for losing long valued customers.

By incorporating these tips, asking the right questions and following through with the needed research, you prepare the groundwork for your logo redesign steps.

3. Avoiding Common Mistakes Through Your Logo Design Steps

Only the best logo design company wants your logo design process to be as seamless and trouble free as possible. They want to do great work for you, so that you absolutely love your final logo. At the same time, your business wants the logo redesign process to provide a perfect new logo quickly and efficiently. Sometimes the delays and miscommunications that occur during the process are because simple mistakes were made along the way. A few common mistakes to avoid are:

A. Getting caught in the comparison game.

Comparing your new logo mockups with your thoughts and feelings about your old logo as a benchmark for success. The cure for this is to remember that the focus of a logo redesign emanates from how well your new logo represents your brand and connects with your customers. Stay on brand.

B. Making decisions too quickly.

It is important to remember that change is difficult for all of us. It often elicits unexpected emotions. A new logo can bring great excitement one moment and then turn to fear that your changes may be too much the next. It will be important that you take your time to process your thoughts and feelings about new logo designs. Before you give your final stamp of approval sleep on your feelings, consciously and subconsciously process these changes. This will help assure you that  any changes you are making feel right and are done for the right reasons.

C. Failing to anticipate and plan for the scope of your redesign.

Sometimes all you are looking for in your logo redesign is an updated color scheme or font style. This kind of change is simpler to integrate with your current logo and corresponding collateral. However, if you want a complete redesign, you must anticipate  the impact it will have on your branding and marketing collateral. Wholesale changes will necessitate new business cards, letterhead, signage, a redesigned website, etc.). If the scope of your redesign does not fit with a major overhaul of your brand, collateral, website, etc., it will be best to maintain significant continuity with your old design.

4. Examples of Successful Logo Redesigns



5. Conclusion

If you are contemplating a logo redesign for your business (which is likely since you are reading this blog), you should be looking for the best logo design company! zö agency is a Bend, OR based full-service marketing agency that will work closely with you and your brand to deliver the best logo redesigns. These stunning logos lead to:

Increased Engagement

Our process and end results will mean more clicks, more views, more shares, more fans. A good brand yields a great logo and builds your following.

Increased Business

When your logo captures your brand, dazzles your customers/clients and connects them to you, it is easier to attract and keep customers.

Increased Loyalty

The best logo redesigns capture your brand and inspire loyalty in your customers, employees and stakeholders. When your logo redesign process hits on all cylinders it will rev up your business in every way.

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