The Benefits of Creating a Brand Identity

Imagine your business as a culinary masterpiece, where every ingredient, every spice, and every technique harmoniously blend together to create a tantalizing experience for your customers. In this vibrant kitchen of commerce, brand identity serves as the secret sauce, infusing your business with a unique and captivating flavor. Just like a master chef meticulously crafts […]

Looking For a Logo Redesign? Here’s What You Need To Know

Iconic logos are game changers! Logos that strongly convey your brand and are eye-catching will dramatically impact your own business. Business logos that nail it the first time are rare indeed (think Nike). So it is not unusual for a business to make some modifications to existing logos to better reflect its brand, the changing […]

Elements of Brand Loyalty in Alcohol Branding and Marketing

If you enjoy a refreshing drink now and then, your alcohol of choice likely says something about you. Maybe you’re a craft beer enthusiast who swears by anything made in a small local brewery. Or maybe you only drink bourbon and can tell the difference between Maker’s Mark and Knob Creek without batting an eye.   […]

5 Tips to Effectively Brand Your Financial Services Firm | zo agency

We all see the effects of brand and brand recognition on business success. The big question is how do we get to that kind of clear connection between who we are, what we do and how we communicate that to our customers and clients? Here are five tips distilled from decades of experience that will […]

How a Great Logo Will Boost Your Gardening and Landscaping Business

Your business logo is a clear, simple and attractive representation of your business brand! In other words it is a representation of your business’s values, priorities, relationships, mission, vision and services. Great logos are iconic. They connect businesses with their customers. But great logos must be backed up with consistently great service and/or products in […]

Local Marketing Chaos in Branding: Learn more about its causes and remedies

Local marketing chaos is a condition that stems from inconsistent branding. Usually it’s the straying of brand standards in a franchise, specifically when one store in the chain takes an air of independence and begins to revamp their marketing strategies. They do this with good intentions to appeal to their location’s unique audience and usually […]

A Guide to Ensuring Brand Compliance for Your Company

Where did the Idea of Branding Originate?  To fully grasp the concept of a term we can look into the history of where a word came from. In the ancient Scandanavian language of Norse, the word “brand” meant “to burn.” Back in those days they referred to a burning piece of wood as a “brand,” […]

Guidelines for Selecting a Marketing Agency to Design Your Business Logo

When your business is in the market for a new business logo you want to find a professional logo design agency to work with. But in today’s market there are so many design possibilities and so many ways to get your logo designed that it is important to start with what your options are. Here […]

Vital Ideas for Creating Brand Consistency | zo agency

Your brand is the identity you have created for your business. Not unlike your own persona, the one you share at dinner, the one you share with your family and the one your coworkers see…. Your brand has a life and a voice. It has character, it has a vision, it has a mission, it […]