How a Great Logo Will Boost Your Gardening and Landscaping Business

Your business logo is a clear, simple and attractive representation of your business brand! In other words it is a representation of your business’s values, priorities, relationships, mission, vision and services. Great logos are iconic. They connect businesses with their customers. But great logos must be backed up with consistently great service and/or products in order to become iconic. You work hard to deliver the best Gardening and Landscaping products and services to your customers so when you pair that hard work with a great logo that is memorable and communicates your brand to those same customers, a synergy develops that boosts your business.

Six Musts for Your Gardening and Landscaping Business Logo

1-Your Logo Must Reflect Your Brand

Your brand is your business identity. It is vital that you create and build your business brand. Your brand should have a life and a voice that speaks clearly of the character, vision, mission and values you hold to most tenaciously.  Brand focuses on the people you wish to engage with and invites them to engage with you.

If you already have worked through the intricacies and process of branding your business, then you can use the results of that process to design and create a logo that is reflective of the brand you have unearthed. Otherwise it is vitally important for your leadership team to first go through a branding workshop or process that helps you first identify your brand. Once you have identified your brand, your logo must reflect that brand and be incorporated into its design and creation. These design elements can be very subtle but will be essential in communicating the essence of your gardening and landscaping business logo.

2-Your Logo Must Be Memorable

This sounds really obvious but there is actually a lot of psychology and design and cooperating elements that must be incorporated into your logo for it to be truly memorable. Some of these elements will be detailed in the upcoming “Musts” that you must incorporate into your logo. But, marketing agencies and the creative designers they employ have pursued the education and cultivated the experience necessary to create a memorable landscaping and gardening logo for your business. Just as you know plants and soils and sun/shade tolerance, these experts have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your logo is memorable.

3-Your Logo Must Stand the Test of Time

It is important that your logo is enduring, that it has a classic appeal. You don’t want to create a logo that incorporates too much of the moment in fashion and design. The most iconic logos stand the test of time. When classic businesses logos are updated they look very similar to their original design and simply refresh their image, brand, message and logo design. The most effective logos are the ones that don’t try to capture the now, but instead look to remain relevant for a long time.

4-Your Logo Must Be Simple

Simplicity is at the heart of being classic and memorable! When there are too many elements all going on at once that only complicates the message.  Remember, your logo should capture the essence of your brand, so doing that with simplicity will make your logo more recognizable and memorable. I have often used the KISS acronym to remind me of what captures attention in advertising/marketing and in life itself, Keep It Simple Silly (or as some say, Stupid)!

5-Your Logo Must Remain Relevant

Relevance is the bottom line in advertising and marketing. If your business isn’t relevant it will not succeed. If your vision and brand don’t connect with your customers/clients then you will become irrelevant. The best landscaping logos and gardening logos will champion the relevance of your business vision and brand. They will draw the eye, they will draw people’s attention, and when they find you on the web or at your business site(s) they will connect – they will feel the relevance of your business model, plan, values and marketing strategy.  

6-Your Logo Must Have Versatility

Your logo must be flexible and versatile enough to look good in different mediums from printed stock, to hats and t-shirts, to signage and your website and other digital forums. You will want your colors to stay uniform, your lettering to be visible and uniform when it is scaled up or down. You want your logo to be ready for any and all opportunities which means it needs to have versatility.


Because it is so essential for the best gardening logos to reflect the unique brand of your business we can’t emphasize enough the importance of branding.  We believe the first step to an overall Marketing Strategy is to create/discover your Brand and then to build your brand so that it will not only be recognizable but will stand for what you believe and value.  At zo agency we often start working with our clients by engaging them in a two-day intensive Brand Workshop to help them through the intricacies of the vital first step of branding. From there we work through all of your deliverables concerning past business advertising and work closely with you and your leadership team to get to the heart of your personal landscaping business logo. 

We have many great logo designs for you to see from our work with other businesses. But we do not stop there in our work for and with you. We offer full-service marketing capabilities and expertise. Contact us at zo.agency!

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