Holiday Cheer

Not to blow an unwelcome horn in your ear but… Right at this moment, how holiday cheerful are you?

Are you slammed out of your mind with last minute customer purchases or nervously looking at your cash flow as your seasonal work dried up? Is your company going to hit its budgets for this year? What happens January 1st?

Or maybe on a more personal level you’re grumpy because people aren’t saying Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays, or the snow plows aren’t getting your street as fast as other neighborhoods.

It’s time to HOLD IT! Stop right there. Yes you. All of this is not worth losing your cheerful attitude and enthusiasm for a bright new year. Just take 5. Not after the new year, NOW.

If you need to, pour a cup of tea, an espresso, a glass of wine or a bourbon and pull out a piece of paper. A napkin will do.
Answer these three questions:

  • What am I doing this for
  • What am I worried about
  • What am I hopeful for

Now, if the first one (why are you doing this) is still as true today as it was when you started your company, then give yourself a big holiday hug. Excellent!

If the third one (what you are hopeful for) is still what you dreamt of when you stayed up late plotting your course in the stars, have a drink on us! Fabulous!

Lastly, if you like so many others have a list of ‘what I am worried about’, it’s time to talk with an advertising agency like ours.

Because we’re full service and we’ve been around the block more than a few times to help you with worries like:

  • Cash flow
  • Running out of inventory
  • Having too much inventory left over
  • My competition has a better campaign than me
  • Am I advertising in the right places
  • Can I pay my bills and cover my marketing too
  • Is my P&L solid
  • Why am I not at the top of google searches (but my competition is)
  • Am I using social media correctly
  • Is my TV ad reaching the right people
  • What should I be planning for a solid new year
  • Where do I start!?

How about you start by telling us the answers to those first three questions. We’d love to hear your why, and your worries.

It’s free to talk to us. It’s confidential. And it’s fun, because we’re goofs at heart. If you need a tribe, join ours!

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