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Media Buying

Media buying is just advertising jargon for helping you to get your business information to the public through TV and radio advertisements, magazines, newspapers, billboards and more.  

Why Use an Advertising Agency for Media Buying?

Your business is very good at what it does!  And you want the public to know how great your business is!!  The local radio station or TV channel rep calls you to get your business on the air with them.  It seems like a great way to reach a broad local audience with information about your business.  So you start buying advertising time and space with them.  Before long you have lots of money going into your advertising but no overall plan and no way of knowing what’s working, what’s not and whether the investment is worth it.

Media buying is complex and has a lot of moving parts.  There are multiple mediums: radio, TV, magazines, newspapers, billboards, etc.  And there are numerous TV and radio channels to deal with, multitudes of publications, lots of billboard owners. And there are multiple salespeople at each outlet.  

And none of this takes into consideration producing these ads.  In house TV and radio production is bare bones.  What does your business know of photography, voice actors and actors, writing, editing, and much more.   How many contacts can any one business have?  

Media buying can eat up a lot of your time, advertising budget and patience if you aren’t equipped and experienced to deal with these complexities.  It is really an advertising specialization.  Very few business owners are able to do it successfully without the help of a top ad agency

Maximize Your Message

A full service marketing agency is great at what it does too!  We know what kinds of media will most benefit your business depending on what you do and/or sell, who your main customers are, your demographics and even the social factors of your demographics.  We analyze the audience sizes for the different advertising mediums and even identify the price per set of eyes and ears for each.  We also factor in the type of messaging we should broadcast and which medium would deliver your ad most impactfully.

Your business can be assured that your media buying will be as effective and efficient as possible.  We promise we will maximize your message’s reach and efficacy.  But that’s not all!

Get More and Pay the Same or Less!

A top ad agency is unbiased and doesn’t play favorites with the local media representatives.  We work for your business, you are our client.  And because we work for you, we will research to know what works best for your business versus what is often “fluff” that adds mainly to the media providers bottom line.  We negotiate expertly on your behalf.  This means we will negotiate the best spots, the best locations and the best rates (often with some added value) so you get the very best deal!  

But we don’t stop there.  Our expertise can be even more helpful because as a full service marketing agency we will manage your whole advertising process including production and creative, placing your buys, all the way through insertion orders and beyond.  That means more time for you to work on what your business does best.  And the amazing news is that a top ad agency will almost always do all of that media buying work at no cost to you!

It’s true – most often an advertising agency simply takes 15% of the buy! So, you get the very best negotiated deal with the advertising medium (billboard, newsprint, weekly, radio, TV etc) saving you gobs of dough, with lots of added value such as free ads, additional space or similar, and then you only pay them 85% of that negotiated price! You pay your full service marketing agency the other 15%. Now what are you waiting for?  Take that burden off your shoulders and hand it over to the experts!

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