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Pay Per Click Ads Can Help Your Law Firm Stand Out! | zo agency

If you are looking to boost your Law Firm advertising and get a lot of bang for your buck in the process, look no further than Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads.  There is little risk involved with PPC because your ads will be highly targeted yet there is often a rapid payoff because you get quality traffic and conversions.  Let’s look at six ways that Pay Per Click can help your law firm ads really stand out!

  1. PPC Works with Your Goals in Mind

No one knows your Law Firms goals like you do.  What types of clients you best represent, where you want to reach new clients, how you want your firm to look to others are most important to you!  PPC is compelling because it helps you reach a lot of your business and marketing goals.  

Because almost any conversion goal can be tracked, PPC is great at aligning website traffic to your end goals.  While there is a lot of competition out there, PPC is great at working with the middle of the funnel to channel high quality leads to your law firm based on your expertise, specialization and/or philosophical bent being aligned with the needs of potential clients.  

  1. PPC is Easy to Track and Measure

There will be no surprises or mysteries associated with PPC advertising.  By using the Google Ads tool in conjunction with Google Analytics, you will know all kinds of data concerning your ads.  High level performance details are easily accessed and will reveal numbers of impressions, clicks and conversions (as you have defined them).  These statistics will reveal to you how your campaigns are performing as well as how much traffic and how many results your PPC ads are driving for whatever budget you have allotted.  

These analytics will give you direct data about conversions to budget ratio like no other form of advertising can offer you.  

  1. Easy to Get Started

Another great reason to add PPC to your law firm advertising campaign is that it offers quick and easy entry into the digital marketing arena.  Building a full Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign takes time and lots of effort on multiple fronts. However, PPC can be up and running and working to drive new contacts to your website quickly and with just a little bit of optimization.  And with PPC your law firm advertising is not limited to your current contact lists and existing clients.   

  1. PPC is Compatible with Other Marketing Tools

The truth is that content marketing is now at the heart of digital marketing.  This means that your law firm advertising should invest in creating unique, targeted and original content for your blogs, newsletters and website that will establish a thought leadership position for your firm and help you drive your clientele buying cycle.  What is great about PPC through Google Ads is that working together with content marketing you can seamlessly blend content that drives Return on Investment (ROI).  

PPC and SEO can work together to optimize your results because they are working with the same audiences and content and just optimizing the overall benefits.  Using the data collected from PPC will help your SEO optimize keywords and content for your website. 

  1. Terrific Options for Targeting Your Ads

As you gain experience and understanding from the data collected, your law firm ads can explore a multi-layered approach to your PPC ads.  One of the excellent tools available through Google ads is remarketing.  

With remarketing tools your firm can keep in touch with potential clients who have clicked into your website in the past.  These tools provide, through the use of cookies, ads that remind those potential clients of your firm and its specialties, recommendations, expertise, etc.  Since the buying cycle for potential clients can be extended and because it is known that a high percentage of buyers go back to a familiar service when they are ready to decide, remarketing is a valuable tool!  

You can test a lot of variables and let the data tell you which keywords, audience demographics, or persona of the firm gives you the best return on investment.

  1. Allows You to Have Control

As you probably know by now, Pay Per Click advertising has a lot of flexibility and in the end allows you to maintain a lot of control over your advertising and budget.  This control doesn’t stop at choosing keywords or identifying demographics you want to advertise in, it also includes the ability to start small, observe results, ramp up quickly, hit the pause button, or explore a wide array of options.  It doesn’t have to overwhelm you and won’t demand a large investment of time or money for you to begin a law firm advertising campaign with PPC.  

It Never Hurts to Contact an Expert

As much as these six ways that PPC helps you stand out from the crowd are within your reach and capabilities, it doesn’t hurt to get some expert help along the way.  Your full service marketing agency will be happy to help you get started with Pay Per Click advertising and walk you through the in’s and out’s and up’s and down’s of any law firm advertising campaign.  

zo agency is experienced at helping law firms with their advertising.  We are experts with PPC and SEO and can help create an online presence that is sure to produce results.  But we don’t stop there, so if your firm has any marketing needs we can provide expert guidance and outstanding creative solutions for any and all of your law firm advertising.  

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