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How to Use Print Advertising AND Stay Green! | zo agency

Would you rather receive a handwritten thank you note on fine stock paper with a handwritten address on the matching envelope, or an email that says the same thing?  Do you appreciate a clearly printed, creatively designed business card or is an email address scribbled on a napkin just fine?  

Even though audiobooks and ebooks are convenient and practical, there is still something wonderful about sitting down with a hardback book or a colorful magazine and deliberately reading its pages while perhaps writing thoughts in the margins for further contemplation.  

The digital world is instant, easy, practical and quite green.  But what if there are ways to make print advertising for your business – green?  What if we can stay green and still get the benefits of beautifully designed and crafted posters, fliers, business cards, stationery and other tactile print products for our full service marketing?

The Value of Print

Any media agency will tell you that there is still great value in print advertising.  In fact, because so many businesses are moving away from print, because of the ease of digital advertising and the desire to be as green as possible, the value of print media can be even greater than it was when everyone did it.  Top creative agencies will still recommend using print advertising in your overall strategy.  And they will give you four great reasons for the effectiveness of print media.

  1. Print advertising is more trustworthy than digital advertising.

In a 2016 MarketingSherpa survey of 1200 Americans, varying forms of print advertising held the 1st, 3rd and 5th most trustworthy spots when people were asked, “Which type of advertising do you trust more when you want to make a purchase decision?”  The other two spots in the top five were TV (2nd) and Radio (4th), both of which are far more costly for advertisers.  People trust print advertising!  So when you place newspaper and magazine ads, or send mailers, or even print posters you will build credibility for your business with consumers. 

  1. Print ads are more memorable than digital ads.

When we are on the internet we are scanning and reading quickly and being bombarded with information.  But when we read a magazine we slow down.  When we receive an attractive flyer in the mail we take notice.  Science has proven that when our brains are quieter and we are reading more slowly and carefully, we retain information much more readily.  If your media agency has you entirely in digital advertising you could be missing out on making a real impression with potential customers.

  1. Print ads last longer, they are more enduring than digital ads.

Well conceived and beautifully designed print advertising will last you for years to come.  Which means that you can make an investment in print advertising and then let it continue to work for you for months and even years.  Even magazine ads continue to work for you in homes, offices and businesses until they are recycled or thrown away.  The effects of print are enduring and often passed on to others as well.

  1. Print ads are more personally engaging than digital ads.

Print advertising finds its way into the hands of those who are interested in what you are selling or providing.  People take fliers for things that interest them.  People take your business card because they want to follow up with you.  People read magazines that address their interests.  So with print advertising you can get your ads into the hands of people who you know will be interested in what you are offering or selling.  If you offer baking classes then you can place an advertisement in a magazine about baking and a flier in the local chamber of commerce and know that the people who are interested in taking baking classes will get your information.  They also lead people to your website!

There are still lots of benefits to print advertising not the least of which is the ability to create long-lasting impressions.  But what about the green aspect of print advertising?  

Staying Green with Print

If you are working with a media agency then depending on their expertise they may or may not be able to help you with print advertising.  But if you have a full service marketing agency that you are working with then they will: 

1) know the importance of print advertising

2) be including print in your portfolio 

and if they are environmentally friendly they will 

3) offer green ways to get your print materials to your customers.  

Any top creative agency will know the benefits of print advertising.  And the best will also know how to get your print materials in the most environmentally friendly ways.  

Green printing is the practice of using renewable energy resources, reducing the use of energy and greenhouse emissions, and using recycled materials. Eco-friendly technologies are making print options increasingly green in several important ways.  When working with a full service marketing agency like zo agency we will work with you to find great green options like these.

Recycled Paper

Not only is recycled paper more accessible but it is also more affordable than ever.  It also gives the same great quality as fully processed paper.  There are even recycled paper products that are carbon neutral because the producers use renewable energies and/or participate in environmentally friendly projects that offset the carbon impact of paper production.

Digital Printing 

Digital printing is used for short run printing jobs and is greener because it uses less energy, uses biodegradable toner, and reduces waste by over 10% compared to traditional print.  

Paper alternatives

Another exciting option is tree free printing products.  There are numerous vegetable paper products available for use like bamboo, straw, wheat, jute and even vegetable waste.

Eco-friendly Printing

Even with traditional printing there are eco-friendly printers who use soy based toners that are biodegradable and recycle their printing plates so that all their products and byproducts are non-toxic.  

Print and ship closer to destinations

Top creative agencies that care about being green will also contract with multiple eco-friendly printers in different areas of the country so that the printing and shipping will take place closer to your business and lower the carbon footprint of your delivery.

The great news here is that a full service marketing agency like zo agency can get you the best of both worlds!  Awesome print advertising that is amazingly green!

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