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Why You Need Email Sequences (automated workflow)

If you’re thinking it’s high time to ramp up your marketing efforts, let’s talk email sequences for a sec.

How’s your email marketing plan going? Do you have an email sequence set up and automated? Have you been thinking about creating one for a while? Now’s the time!

Email is super cost-effective and can produce an incredible ROI when it comes to your digital marketing dollars. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details if you’re wondering why and how.

When people (aka potential customers) give you access to their precious inboxes, you can email them as much as you like without spending another dollar on other advertising streams—until they unsubscribe or report you as spam, which is what we don’t want obviously.

Talk about the best ROI, right?

Straight up, plain Jane email is one thing, but the secret sauce here is when your emails are targeted AND on autopilot. Que the email sequence that’s gonna work its magic for you.

All it takes is a little upfront time and resources (which our bend marketing Zonion tribe can totally help you with!) and you can sit back and reap all the benefits for months, even years down the road.

So first off, what is an email sequence?

The gist of it: an email sequence is a series of pre-crafted emails sent at scheduled times to a subscriber based on triggers or certain automation.

Feeling like a deer in the headlights right now? We’ll break things down.

For example, an email in a sequence can be sent immediately after someone subscribes to your newsletter, or two weeks after someone makes an online purchase. It can even be as fancy as someone clicking on a link in an email which triggers another email based on that particular link. See the pattern here?

Without even realizing it, you can easily wrap your email subscribers around your finger and convert them into loyal customers. All it takes is crafting strategic and creative emails that grab attention based on your subscriber’s interests and preferences. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

Once your email sequence is tested, tweaked, and ready to help you gain more email subscribers, everything else falls into place like building trust and impressing them with your super helpful and amazing offers, services, or products.

All thanks to a stellar email sequence and minimal effort on your part.

While the goal of any business is to keep its revenue-generating wheels rolling, email marketing and using sequences has the power to engage your ideal audience while building relationships too. The people who gave you permission to send them emails are genuine human beings after all.

Now, what makes an email sequence awesome?

You need to invest in a software or email provider that has all the tools you need to craft and tailor winning emails. It starts with things like the best bang for your buck, how easy and flexible it is to customize your own templates and other user-friendly goodies at your disposal.

There are TONS of tools out there to help you with email sequences these days, but we highly recommend (with two solid first-pumps!) Hubspot’s all-in-one email and sales software. We love it for reasons like:

  •     Instant and real-time notifications whenever someone opens an email or clicks on a link so you can effortlessly follow-up on your hottest leads.
  •     Tracking and checking on how well your emails and subject lines are doing. If you’re not getting the open rates you’re hoping for, Hubspot’s amazing amount of data will reveal where you need to switch things up.
  •     Seamless email integration with SalesForce, Gmail, G Suite, Outlook or Office 365 because efficiency never gets old!
  •     Creating custom, automated workflows depending on your email activity (someone subscribes to your list, clicks a link in an email, submits a form on your website, etc.) Basically, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to what information to send out based on how your subscribers are interacting with your emails. Pretty powerful stuff to rack up business in our eyes!

Here’s some more food for thought.

Getting an email subscriber is similar to getting invited to someone’s home. It’s a privilege for this person to give you a glimpse into their lives, their personal space because they’re not gonna let just anyone into their home, right? Much like how email is a personal online space where your subscriber is giving your emails permission to show up.

So when it comes to emails and sequences, remember to be respectful and professional. Again, the last thing you want to do is end up blacklisted by sending too many emails, or irrelevant emails, to someone who might’ve been your best customer.

Here at Zonion, we can help you through the process of creating, testing, and automating an email sequence to reach the people you want to reach.

Still not convinced? Let’s recap and review the best reasons why you need email sequences for your business:

  1. Perfect Timing

Time is of the essence and sending out an email this week or next could be the difference between whether or not you get a paying customer. For real.

Sure, the beauty of email sequences is the fact that you can automate them, send them out at a set time, and send specific emails out when someone “triggers” it, but it’s really all of these little details that add up to make a huge impact.

If you’re wasting precious hours of the day writing individual emails every time someone subscribes, email sequences will literally become your new best friend (trust us on this one!)

  1. Relationship-Building Automation

Automating your emails saves a heck ton of time for you, and as a bonus, you can build a relationship with your subscribers while you sleep. A perfect example of this is when you create a welcome email sequence (usually a series of three to five emails) right when someone subscribes to your list.

This person can be in a completely different time zone than you and yet while you’re still snoozing, you still have the tools to send out nicely timed emails no matter where they’re located.

Nurture and build your email sequences this way, with your ideal customer in mind, and you’re creating the master recipe for success.

  1. Skyrocket Your Business Prospects

Think email sequences are only meant for e-commerce shops or start-ups? Nope, far from it!

Email sequences have the power to grow and benefit any type of business from medical and wellness centers to construction and trades, and everything in between. Every business is unique with its own set of customers so as long as you know who your subscribers are, you can personalize each email to speak their language.

If the thought of creating these email sequences spikes your anxiety and stress levels, or you feel like you’re out of your league here, don’t worry! That’s why we’re here.

Our bend marketing tribe at Zonion can do all the planning and automating for you because we know the tricks of the trade a thousand times better than the backs of our hands (literally, none of us have the time to examine our hands when we’re always so deeply immersed in the world of email marketing and automation).

Reach out and chat with us today about email sequences and we’re happy to get this ball rollin’. We’ll get everything set up and automated as smooth as butter for you, promise!

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