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Psssst hey! Over here! It’s me, your website.

It’s time we had a chat. We have a lot to catch up on, considering the last time you could bear to look at me was ages ago. I know you’re embarrassed to show me off these days. I mean, it’s not like when you first created me. Remember then? Those were the days… 

You couldn’t resist showing me off, shoving my (inter)face in front of anyone that would so much as glance our way! Hey, don’t be upset. I understand. Times have changed. Websites are slicker now, more modern-looking. Some of them are even fun! Most of those cool sites have evolved, but… I haven’t. I’m clunky and confusing. Users either get bored, or it takes them too long to find what they’re looking for. But, hey, don’t beat yourself up! I’ve seen worse. Remember when you were looking at those trendy website designs and accidentally ran into the world’s worst website? Well, I’m not that bad, but I do look like I belong in 1999.

I know you’ve been short on time, and I haven’t been your priority, but it’s costing us customers! People show up, excited to engage with your services, but then they’re greeted by me. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to be self-deprecating. I’m merely just being realistic. They took one look at my ugly mug and said: “Nope! I’m outta here!” and POOF! They have no idea how great you are, but they’re drawn away from you and to that fancy website your competitor just revamped, all because of me! And let’s be honest, you and I both know you provide the better service – but the people can’t see it. They’re blinded by my face…

I mean, you’re amazing at what you do! That’s part of the reason I look bad in the first place. If you spent all your time on your website, you wouldn’t be able to do what you do best!

But don’t fret. I think I have a solution for us. 

There’s this company called zö agency – kind of a funny name, I know, but they are dead serious about bringing brands and websites into the 21st century! They have tons of examples of the best website designs made for other businesses they’ve helped, showcased on their website: Think about it. We could have a total refresh. New website, new logo, and maybe even a new brand identity! They have fantastic website development services to help companies all across the US, plus they have staff and creatives all over the world coming together to help each and every one of their clients shine in their own unique way. They could cure me of all my imperfections and lift your work above the crowd so that instead of standing out for all the wrong reasons people are drawn to us for all the right ones. 

Wouldn’t that be amazing? They could bring me into the 21st century, where I can look smart and chic and am incredibly easy to use. I could be given the power of intuition so that I’m effortless for anyone to use and maybe even fun! That way, instead of people bouncing onto other websites they connect with us. 

We could demonstrate all the incredible work you do in a way that looks and feels incredible too! Just imagine with me… A world in which your website (me!) speaks to your customers’ souls so clearly and beautifully that everyone who sees it is touched deeply. And, more importantly, wants to be a part of whatever you’ve got goin’ on!

Wouldn’t it feel good to show me off again? Well, me, but better! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to market your business with new-found confidence? We could show all our competitors what we’re really made of. You know exactly who I’m talking about. I mean, wouldn’t it be just fantastic to have a visual brand that reflects who we are NOW and not just who we were a few years ago? 

Gosh, you got me all excited! Now we have to do it, right? Are you feeling as pumped as I am? I can’t wait to talk to all the folks at zö.

I took a look at their website design and development services, and I think it’d be perfect for us. Says here that we can book our call with zö right now! It’s all over their site at I mean, It seems really easy. You can just call and chat about the best website design services and how to bring me up to date! Oh wow, look, it’s free to chat, there’s no obligation, and look here: there’s info about the whole staff and creatives, and who the founder is!

I’ve heard they’re the nicest bunch. Woah, apparently – and now I’m just reading to you what it says in the coding – apparently if you turn up to the call with wine, they won’t even judge you. They’d probably cheer for you, I bet.

So, what do you say? See you in the 21st century?

With love, 

Your Website

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