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If Your Company Were an Animal, What Would it Be? | zo agency

When you’re searching for the essence, the heartbeat, the clear message that your company conveys to your clients and potential clients, you might go through a process in which you ask questions like this one.  

For one thing it’s really fun and interesting and can tell you a lot about what your staff thinks about your company.  But another reason you ask questions like this is to discover who you are and how you want to be known and seen in the marketplace.  Questions help us discover and rediscover ourselves.  

The answers your team gave to the question in the title for instance, would be helpful for determining your brand!

The Power of Branding!

Your brand is your stand!  If you stand for nothing you give people nothing to follow!  We all want to stand for something, but too often we get caught managing the urgent rather than championing the unique.  

Strong branding gives a clear and compelling message to the world about who you are and what you stand for.  Your brand message will communicate the purpose(s) of your company and it will clearly align with an honest understanding of your own business as well as your clientele.  

When you do the work to discern your unique message to your defined customers then your brand will answer this key question: How does what we do create value for our customers?

Brand Voice

A great advertising and marketing agency will begin the process of branding by helping you define your brand voice.  This is a discussion that hones in on helping everyone understand and come to an agreement about what your current brand looks like to you and to your clients.  

If your company were an animal, what would it be?…  We would be a hummingbird because we are small, fast, nimble, balanced and energetic! 

Your team will evaluate and work through many possible values in order to honestly evaluate and discern; “what do you know to be true about your brand?”  Branding workshops are offered by marketing and advertising agencies with the sole purpose of guiding companies through these processes while also providing tools to accelerate and accentuate the benefits of your journey.

Brand Messaging

From those reflective evaluations your team will continue to work together to determine answers to a second question: What do you want to be true of your brand?  

This process of determining the core elements of what you want your brand to communicate often begins by asking you to retell the history of your business. To rediscover the where, how and why you began.  You will revisit your purpose for being, your mission and vision. Finally, you will evaluate your lay audience, your clientele.  

Who do you want to reach, help and serve.  These steps will help you rethink and retool your brand so that it clearly communicates to your customers what you really want to tell them about your business.  

From that groundwork your full service creative agency will help guide you through how to pitch your brand with your target audience using visual elements, a clear and compelling message, and a defined understanding of what you do to create value for your clients.

Brand Framework

Another critical step in the process of branding is building your brand framework.  This framework is meant to clarify all of the elements of your brand for your partners, stakeholders and employees.  

In this way the work you have done will be captured for clear communication with everyone on your team.  Every part of the process can then be brought with clarity to your entire staff and get them all on the same page and working for the same end.  

This helps to build trust, rapport, and a sense of tribe within your company.  And it is accomplished through a messaging framework that makes your brand easy to understand and follow, and which conveys with richness and depth the heart and soul of your business. 

When everyone is on board with who you are, who you are serving and how you create value for everyone involved, your business will be ready to go to the next level.  The party is getting started!
If you are interested in how branding can propel your business to the next level contact a full service creative agency.  zo agency offers two day branding workshops designed to build a sense of tribe while also leading your team through a series of questions, discussions and activities that will result in brand clarity.  

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