Facebook Marketing Strategies to Boost Your E-commerce

What is Ecommerce Facebook Marketing?

Everyone selling products through an ecommerce business website can reap the benefits of leveraging the reach and power of Facebook marketing strategies.

Discovering ways to generate repeat sales from existing customers while at the same time attracting first time customers and converting them into buyers can be a real challenge, especially through your website. It is easy to think that connecting with both of these audiences at the same time is asking too much. However, with the creative use of some of the available Facebook marketing strategies and tools, it is not only possible but likely that you will simultaneously attract new customers to your brand and continue building your loyal customer base.

Since there are lots of ways to grow your brand through Facebook, the goal of this blog is to focus on a few Facebook marketing strategies that are likely to produce your Facebook lookalike audiences that will provide the best ROI.

Facebook Ad Strategies for Ecommerce

Lookalike Audiences to Attract New Customers

Facebook lookalike audiences are a great tool for targeting audiences who have very similar interests and patterns to people who are already customers on your website. This is a fantastic tool for attracting new customers into your conversion funnel and for building brand awareness with people who are much more likely to be interested in your products. 

The cool thing about this Facebook ads strategy is that you can create lookalike campaigns based on your conversions, profiles of people who have browsed your website, age groupings, a combination of shared interests or any number of other lookalike categories.

When segmenting your audiences and campaigns, think through the kinds of people you want to reach– what are their interests, where do they live and what are their interests and habits? By providing answers to these questions you can then develop Facebook created custom audiences that will attract new customers.

Dynamic Facebook Ads

Facebook ads for ecommerce include what are called Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. These are specially designed remarketing ads that are automatically displayed in their Facebook feed after they have viewed products on your site. They are available in either single or multi-product displays and run for an allotted time period that you get to decide and can adjust. According to Facebook, major brands including Target and Shutterfly reported a 20% increase in conversions and click-through-rate with Dynamic Ads. So if you want to take your ad automation to the next level it would be wise to look into Facebook Dynamic Product Ads and discover how they can drive growth for your brand, website traffic and sales. 

Retargeting Campaigns

Another option for using targeted audience Facebook ads can be found in retargeting campaigns. These campaigns take advantage of the fact that when people visit your website their information is captured and, if they fail to buy from your site, your created retargeting campaign will show ads in their Facebook feed that will remind them of the product or products that they looked at and encourage them to buy them now. Because you already know that these people are interested in your products, these ads are very effective at keeping those products and your brand front and center in their minds.

Carousel Ads

These are targeted audience Facebook ads for ecommerce that you place in the feeds of customers, website browsers or Facebook lookalike audiences. They present a revolving carousel of your products that are similar to products these people have either looked at or purchased on your website, or to people who have lookalike profiles to some of your best website customers. 

With some research, background knowledge and practice it is even possible for you to program very specific details about these customers, potential customers and lookalikes into the code so that your carousel ads are only seen by people who are most likely to be interested in your products. 

Video Ads

Creating video ads that can appear in customers’ Facebook feeds offers your business a lot of ways to get product information and brand awareness in front of customers, potential customers and lookalike audiences that you have created. You can even create targeted Facebook ads for ecommerce that get shown to people who meet your specific criteria. This allows you to target specific ads to specific kinds of customers. An ad that informs customers who have already purchased products about your brand including stories of your dream, vision and process. An ad about products similar to the product a potential customer viewed on your website. These can be very informative and impactful if they are done with creative excellence and really capture your audience’s attention.

The Facebook Business Page

Creating a dynamic Facebook business page is an essential step toward boosting your sales. Your page will provide opportunities to learn about your brand, links to your products and product pages, store locations and contact information for customers who want to make further inquiries.

One of the perks of these pages is that they track some very helpful information.  You can find out how many people have liked your page and even track how many have made in-store visits. It is this kind of information that can be used to adjust who you are marketing to and to provide your customers with even better experiences on your website. There is even an opportunity for customers to provide you a 0-5 star rating. Even more incentive to make sure you make a great impression on them.

Visitors to your page can also post comments and engage in discussions. When you join and guide these discussions you can create a community that builds interest in your brand. Creating an energetic and interesting Facebook business page will bring new visitors and will help to spread the excitement around your brand with others.


Customers are not intrigued and captured when your business is passive and fails to acknowledge them even after purchasing something.  By using a Facebook ads strategy or several of them you can help to provide a much more personal experience for your customers and for those just browsing your website. Any combination of these Facebook Marketing Strategies will help you reach out and show your customers all the quality products and options available to them.

Earning customer loyalty by caring enough to follow up with them will help your brand to be remembered and recommended to others.

However, growing your business through the use of targeted audience Facebook ads as well as ads on other platforms may seem like an overwhelming task. Getting some expert help from a full-service marketing agency that has years of experience growing businesses through Social Media Marketing like Facebook ads is a win-win proposition. At zö agency our experts will improve your ROI faster and at a higher rate than your competitors. We are experienced with the intricacies of Facebook Dynamic product ads, ad creation that targets Facebook created custom audiences who are most likely to respond to your ads and to your products and effective ways to follow up with customers to build brand loyalty. 

Contact us at and learn why you want to become part of the tribe!

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