Not All Websites Are Created Equal: Nor Should They Be!

When creating a website, or having one created, it is important to know its purpose and then incorporate elements that will maximize the effectiveness of it as a tool to fulfill its purpose. If you want a website that functions as a travel blog, then you want to create a website that interfaces with your social media accounts, will identify where you are in the world, organizes your posts by continent or country, makes it is easy to upload picture files and provides easy opportunities for them to join your FB group and share their contact information. But if you are designing a business website you will want a whole different set of features. 

Different types of websites will require different types of website design. Therefore when you create and design your website you will have a unique vision, client/customer and intent. Your website must be created to meet the needs of your intended audience and purpose.

9 Different Types of Websites 


A blog is basically an online journal or informational page that the owner updates with new stories, thoughts, reflections, pictures, recipes, etc., frequently. They are a little like public diaries (hopefully they aren’t as personal as a diary) which tell the world in everyday language about whatever the writer wants to tell. Many develop out of hobbies and therefore have a specific theme or themes that get played out regularly over time. Travel, food, beer brewing, gardening blogs; the sky is really the limit. Blogs are not usually professional or academic but they can be designed to be inviting, reflective of the author, informative and fun.


Business websites provide detailed information about the products, services, staff, history, vision, opportunities, etc., that the business provides. These websites will vary greatly in size, scope and style depending on how beneficial they are to the mission and customers/clients of the business. Because so many people now use search engines on their phones and computers to find a local business that they need, business websites are fast becoming a necessity for new businesses wanting to reach out to local customers. 


People building a business, whether they are transitioning from a storefront or selling products out of their garage, need an ecommerce website to help them sell their products and/or services. These Ecommerce websites with their quality pictures, great organization, clear product descriptions, pricing, and the ability to take credit/debit cards and Paypal or Applepay, etc. will also reflect a wide range of types of website design.


Educational websites will often focus on one or two specific topics and they usually use interactive software that allows users to experience and learn from educational methods and methodologies taught through the website.


Of all of the types of website design the simple informational website is most common. It could be about a business, event, organization, cause, team, community group or just about anything. These websites are just a few pages long, provide basic information, including contact information for further questions or a involvement.

6-News and Entertainment 

These websites will usually focus on particular aspects of the news/entertainment/sport world and will provide regular articles with updated content on issues, teams, breaking news, new revelations/rumors surrounding their specific topics of interest.


Although these websites are very similar to business websites, they will also include moving stories, testimonials, pictures and requests for visitors to pledge their assistance to their charitable cause.


Portfolio websites are especially helpful for artists, writers, craftspeople and musicians, who can design different types of websites that present people with personal online portfolios that display their creative work. Visitors can also learn some of the artists’ background stories and creations from the artists themselves. And there is always the opportunity to access/share contact information.


The concept of crowdfunding has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade or so. When designing a crowdfunding website it is important to include a compelling cause (usually rather short term), a goal, and an easy method of donation.


When considering all these types of website design and the several more that didn’t make this list it is important to decide whether you can build a simple website yourself that meets your needs, or whether you need professional help in the design and development of your website. There are a lot of website designers that can provide you with excellent technical development. However, the importance of design, purpose, vision and brand are vitally important as well.

One option is to approach a full service marketing agency with your goals in mind, and work with them to hone your brand, design and overall marketing plan. They can listen to your vision and purpose and tailor a website design to your needs. 

Here at zo agency we work to build long term relationships with our clients. We call it Tribe! 

We will work diligently to discover your vision, your passion, your needs, your hopes and dreams for your business and then will create an overall marketing plan that meets your needs and fits your budget.  Visit us today at

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