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Creating an Effective Marketing Strategy to Help Your Plastic Surgery Clinic Grow

If you are a plastic, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery provider then you know two things about your potential clients.  You know that most of your work is with elective patients who will look carefully at all of their options.  And you know that there is a necessary sales cycle that requires significant time (months or even years) between when interested clients begin their elective process and when they agree to work with you.  

With these two considerations in mind, your plastic surgery marketing strategies for growing your business must be persuasive, genuine, reputable and diligent.  It needs to draw people in, hold their interest, gain their trust and close the deal.  What are the essential tools to get your business growing?  Here is our Top 10 list of plastic surgery marketing tips:

  1. Make Your Website Fantastic!

Your website is the engine for your business.  It is likely where you will make your first impression, and it is where you want potential clients to return to with questions, for assurances, and to make further contact.  In this way your website is also foundational for the rest of the tips on this list.  

Fantastic websites are simple, clear, easy to navigate, consistent, reflective of your values, the beauty of your work and the philosophy behind your work.  Because more than half of your traffic will be from phones it is also vital that your website be mobile friendly in order to show consistently and completely on different screens.  

Your potential patients want to learn about you and your work, but they really want to know that their needs are being heard, their fears are being alleviated, their needs will be met.  Focusing your website on communicating to their needs and answering their questions is vital.

  1. Win the Google Search Rankings Battle

Getting the direct link to your homepage on the first page of Google for people who search for “Plastic Surgeons in my area” needs to be a goal.  Because people searching in this way usually have strong intent.  You can do this with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which requires a number of steps as well as ongoing attention.   

  1. Utilize a Pay-Per-Click Strategy

Pay per click advertising works in a couple different ways.  You can bid through Google Adwords to have your business advertised at the top of the search results.  The more competition for plastic surgeons in your market the more you will pay monthly, but your website will be one of the first options on Google for people interested in plastic surgery.  Another option for pay per click is to buy drop in ads that allow people to click into your site when their browsing reveals interest in plastic surgery. 

  1. Invest in Video Messaging

Videos are the hottest mode of messaging these days.  Creating professional short videos that concisely and confidently describe your services and what sets you apart from others is a great way to attract attention.  What is especially effective is to also create a few short patient testimonials.  In some cases you might consider a brief video showcasing your staff and your office space.

  1. Target New Clients Strategically

Facebook not only gets you in front of billions of people, but also offers some very unique tools for targeting audiences who are most likely to interact with your content or visit your website.  Facebook’s algorithm is flexible and effective at targeting audiences you already have, you create or that they help you create.  For example, if you have a video on Facebook, you can target an ad to people who watch 67% of your video or more.  

  1. Use Remarketing Tools to Keep in Touch with Potential Clients

This tool allows you to keep in touch with potential clients who have visited your website and have allowed for cookies on their computer.  These tools allow you to display ads (even Facebook ads) on sites accessed through that browser for whatever time period you pay for.  For plastic surgery marketing this is an effective tool to keep you in potential clients’ minds through retouches, since it is often a long time from starting the process to going in for surgery. 

  1. Manage Your Online Reputation

Great reviews are important for business.  With so many channels for online communication this can be time consuming and will require consistency.  Since no one is perfect and plastic surgery is a deeply personal decision this area can be particularly sensitive yet vital.  There are excellent options for online reputation management services to help you manage, respond to, and learn from these reviews.

  1. Highlight Your Best Reviews

People look at and trust reviews.  Get your best reviews out on your website in short testimonial quotes and professional videos of enthusiastic patients.  Create a testimonial page on your website where you are adding great new ones regularly.  These are especially effective if they refer to specific value added services provided by your practice.  

  1. Provide Helpful Content in Your Blog and Newsletters

It can be time consuming to write Blog and newsletter articles about the latest developments, techniques or practices in plastic surgery.  However, this kind of helpful information can be just what some people are looking for from the doctor they choose for their procedure.  Not only this, but by strategically using SEO keywords in your blogs you can create activity on your website which can increase your Google ranking, leading to more clicks on your website.  

  1. Maintain Connections with Your Patients

There are a lot of great ways that these plastic surgery marketing tips can help generate more buzz for your business.  However, one of the most effective ways to build a great business clientele is still as simple as being active in your community.  Make and maintain good connections with your patients as well as your community at large.  What people say about you in the community will go a long way to building your personal and professional reputation.  

These plastic surgery marketing strategies will help you grow your business. At the same time they will demand extra time and effort from both you and your staff.  A fantastic full service marketing agency will help create a plastic surgery marketing plan for you.  zo agency has expertise and experience growing businesses like yours.  Let us work with you to create your plastic surgery marketing plan and to ambassador your brand, turn heads, lift spirits and steal the show with you in our tribe!

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