Risks of Doing Nothing in Marketing | Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

If you are a business owner, trust us when we say we know you are busy! In fact, you are likely so busy that you may even be tempted to let things slide in your marketing department. After all, things are going ok, right? Why change anything up and add more onto your plate? 

With everything else you have to think about the importance of a digital marketing strategy may have taken a back burner. Well, not to alarm you or anything, but doing nothing in marketing leaves you at an incredible disadvantage in many ways! In fact, it is one of the worst things you can do. Don’t worry, though. It’s not too late to save your company’s marketing plan! You likely just need us to help you implement a solid digital marketing business plan.

With a good digital marketing strategy in place, you can reach a large number of people through online channels. This happens even at a fraction of the price it would take to reach the same number of people through traditional advertising methods.

Digital marketing is measurable. You can track how many people visit your website, click on your ads, or make a purchase as a result of your digital marketing efforts. This data allows you to fine-tune your campaigns and make necessary adjustments in order to achieve better results. 

Digital marketing is versatile. The same techniques that work for one business may not work for another, so it’s important to have a variety of strategies at your disposal and even consult with some of our experts here at zö.

Before we get too excited about your new marketing plan, let’s back up for a minute and take a look at some of the digital marketing risks you’re facing by doing nothing in marketing. Here we go…

If you’re doing nothing in marketing…

You May Not Be Reaching Your Target Audience

With no digital marketing business plan in place, you are likely not reaching your target audience. Don’t despair – there are affordable and effective ways to get started. But it’s important to take the time to understand your customers and what will motivate them to buy from you. Once you know that,  we can put together a plan that uses the right mix of tactics tailored to your unique situation and goals. With hard work and a bit of luck, you can reach more buyers and increase sales using nothing more than tried-and-true marketing methods combined with an understanding of how people think.

You May Not Be Generating Enough Leads or Sales

The importance of a digital marketing strategy cannot be overstated, because if you’re doing little to no marketing, you are definitely missing out on huge opportunities to generate a ton of leads and sales. If you just truly do not have the time to even consider implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy, give us a call and let us show you that we have your back on this! The key is to just start somewhere and then keep building on your successes and we will get the process moving for you.

Your Brand May Lose its Competitive Edge

It is clear that a brand can quickly lose its competitive edge if it does not stay up to date on the latest changes in customer behavior and preferences. What worked for you yesterday may not work today, so it is important to always be testing new strategies and tactics to see what resonates with your audience. This is exactly why you need a digital marketing strategy as it includes analysis and reporting to show you what’s working and what’s not so you can pivot and tweak things as we go along. 

You May Be Losing Customers to Your Competition

By doing nothing in marketing you are at a complete disadvantage against your competition. Your competition; who is out there delegating, building strategies, testing markets, reinvigorating their brand, using digital marketing and getting clear on their brand guides. And one day you’ll look up and they will have outpaced you and by then it’s much harder to try to catch up.

How zö Comes to the Rescue!

So, what can you do to change this? How can you start generating more leads and sales? The answer is simpler than you might think. You need to start doing something in marketing. That’s right – just pick up the phone and call us or shoot us an email and soon after we have you all set up, you will see an increase in leads and sales. 

We will want to work with you to get a solid digital marketing business plan in place. This is almost an immediate fix because a successful digital marketing strategy focuses on getting more eyes on your business in as quick of a way as possible. It’s, for sure, at least worlds better than doing nothing!

If you need help getting started developing a digital marketing business plan or want guidance on which marketing activities will be most effective for your business, contact us today. We would be happy to help! 

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