What Makes a Brand Successful

What Makes a Brand Successful?

What Makes a Brand Successful?

Have you ever wondered what makes a brand successful?

Let’s be honest, branding can be complicated. 

With so many moving parts involved, consider branding as an ongoing, ever-evolving process rather than a “one time, upfront” deal.

As businesses grow, adopt new ideas, and gain a better understanding of what their customers like or dislike, their brand and vision should change and grow along the way.

The most successful brands don’t stick to what worked 10 or 20 years ago. Instead, these businesses are always tweaking and fine-tuning their brand image. Why? To stay current, relevant, and on top of future trends.

People are always changing and businesses should be too. With new brands popping up every minute and fighting for everyone’s attention, it’s more important than ever to ensure your brand identity and messaging is weaved into everything you do.

Every decision and action needs to align with your brand from every possible angle.

If you’re stuck on where to go next, let’s look at some of the key factors that drive how successful brands stay on top.

     1. Know your audience

One of the first rules of branding is Know Thy Audience. Understand that not everyone out there will want your product or service. So zero in on your target audience.

Successful brands reflect and appeal to their ideal audience. 

For example, Apple, Chanel, and Nike know their customers inside and out—they understand their needs, values, and preferences. 

Uncovering key insights and demographics about your audience is a crucial first step. Once you know your audience, you can figure out how to make your brand appealing to their eyes and ears.

     2. Understand what your audience values

So how else do you stay in the minds of your ideal customers? Appeal to the largest amount of people by showing them you understand.

Your brand is always about them, not you. 

Get clear on your customer’s major pain points and concerns, then acknowledge those concerns. Does something take too long? Cost too much? Not work right? Then tell your customers how you can help. (Your products or services are the answer!) 

Once you know your audience’s pain points, it’ll be easier to carry on and match your brand to solving those needs.

From there, if you’re looking for the perfect customer or client (the type that falls in love at first sight when they learn about what you do), then every piece of your brand identity—from why you exist to the way the product looks and feels in their hands—should work together in harmony.

     3. Speak your audience’s language

Visuals are always key. But as part of your brand success strategy, the words and language you use are equally important.

From what you write on your website to your social media or marketing material, every word should reflect what your business is all about.

It also goes deeper than a tagline or slogan. 

If you run a dental office catered to families and children, you might want to stick to simple and easy-to-understand language in your ads and website.

For example, “Are your choppers in pain? Let’s see what’s happenin’ with that sweet tooth,” may not resonate or make as much sense as, “Give your child a brighter smile today with our affordable cleaning services.”

At the heart of it, your main purpose is to attract a crowd that likes what you have to offer. If your company has an eco-friendly product or story, make that the star attraction right now. Thanks to Greta Thunberg, the climate change debate is stronger than ever these days.

Remember, stay on top of trends and cater your messaging and marketing to continue building brand awareness.

If you’re uncertain about how to move forward with your vision or rebrand, we’re here to help.

That’s why zo exists—to help brands like yours regain the magic again.

One last thought to leave you with: we always enjoy working with people who appreciate genuine experts that truly know their stuff.

We also enjoy building long term relationships and developing a sense of camaraderie. Our doors are open to working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, political viewpoints, and dress codes.

At the end of the day, we like to be ourselves (which is part of staying true to our brand).

We hope we’ve given you something to think about when it comes to what makes a brand successful!

If you’re looking for more branding advice, reach out and let’s connect!

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