Poppits Toothpaste

Case Study

Would you like to know how we built a brand voice and web presence for a patented idea coming to market?


We crafted a brand voice through workshops and collaboration for this gorgeous eco friendly Poppit, built a website to tell the story and developed social media communities as it hit the market. Optimizing the site to be top of search for all things toothpaste launched their visibility.

Inventor and founder of Poppits worked tirelessly to develop and patent (worldwide) an incomparable revolutionary product. Now it just needed a face, a voice and a presence. Through in depth workshop work and delightful collaboration the Poppits brand evolved in to what it is today. The website is engaging, optimized and full of life.

“Don’t just talk about what your product does or why it’s superior; SHOW them a compelling picture of HOW it’s going to make their life better… that’s what gets people excited!”

-Steve Jobs

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