Torrent Laboratory

Case Study

Would you like to know how we elevated the brand of a world class laboratory and communicated its message to its clientele?


We revitalized their website, utilized SEO best practices to make their Search Engine visibility prime real estate, and connected with current and prospective clientele through LinkedIN and eNewsletters.

Torrent laboratory leads in the field of environmental testing. Serving large clients, government agencies and communities of all sizes, they had it covered! But their old website needed a work over. So they continued to do what they do best while we revitalized their website to reflect their impeccable contribution to the clients and government agencies they serve and the caliber of their organization. We utilized SEO best practices to make their presence on search engines visible so it captured the attention of prospective clientele. Through eNewsletters and LinkedIN we delivered vital and industry specific content to reinforce their knowledge base and continue to inform, while also driving new interests their way.

“The universe does not behave according to our preconceived ideas. It continues to surprise us.”

-Stephen Hawking

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