How to Stay True to Your Brand

First of all, if you don’t know what you’re doing, get some help. When you wake up in the morning and put on knee high white socks and slip on your favorite sandals, that’s a NO. And you need a fashion guru pronto.

Just because it is comfortable for you does not mean everyone will like it.

Just because you watch ESPN all day does not mean your potential customers do. You loving it does not make it the right place to advertise (although you will enjoy watching your ad often).

Just because you are a democrat or a republican that does not mean all your potential customers are.

You should be comfortable in your own skin (and socks and sandals) but in business, your job is to attract people who like what you have to offer.

If you’re selling unicorns to burning man folks, by all means wear a unicorn mask and goggles. But if you’re selling plastic surgery, at least come off as bright enough to do the job, by showing your potential clients you understand them. Your favorite colors may be your college mascot or navy blue. Your customers are women who have money and they like the softer finer things in life in most cases (not all!). Appeal to the largest amount of people in your target demographic by showing them you understand. Your brand is not about you, it is about conveying to them you understand them.
Unless, when it is not.

Because perhaps you’re looking for your soul mate in business. The exact right client that sees you, the clouds open, birds sing, love at first sight, that sort of thing?

Then be you. Be very you. Because that other sock wearing sandal person is out there looking for YOU. And only you. And it will be magic, profitable and exciting.

If you’re a cowgirl and you’re looking for a calf wrangler… be a cowgirl. He’ll know who you are. If you’re a hippy and tie-dye is your thing like it never went out of style, but you are selling tie-dye shirts and marijuana, you’re going to land with the right crowd.

The point about branding is you’re a flower looking for a bee.

First know what kind of bee you want. Then be that right flower.

If you only want to work with republicans, then by all means advertise on the right networks that secure that base. If you only want to work with nuns because you are one, then shine in that platform. If you want to work with school kids, get used to primary colors, crayons and vivacious advertising and be willing to surrender your ‘old school’ beliefs.

Business is not like any other relationship. You get to decide who you want to be in relationship with. You either do it true to your own brand (your special you) or to their brand (who am I with).

We’re here to help.

One last thought – we always like to be ourselves and work with people who enjoy that. We build very long term relationships so we like to enjoy a sense of camaraderie. But we work with all businesses, all political viewpoints, all sizes of companies and all dress codes. We just like to be us. And we know that if you’re the bee to our flower, you like what we’re about too.

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Nathan Bettger is a board-certified hospital chaplain and spiritual director from Oshkosh, WI, where he lives with his wife (Kat), his two sons (Brendan Arthur

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