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Digital Advertising

What is Ad Recall in Digital Marketing?

There is a magical metric that a digital marketing agency leans on to deliver solid answers to their clients about the performance of their advertising efforts. It is called ad recall; it estimates how many people would remember seeing your

Digital Advertising

Digital Video Advertising

Do you remember the good old days when TV was just a black and white box with a single channel? Me neither. Television has come a long way in the past few decades, evolving into what we now call “digital


What a Creative Agency Can Do for the Growth of Your Business

Far too long have business owners relied on newspaper ads and billboards to drive the growth of their companies. Sure, these traditional advertising methods can still sort of work, but they’re no longer nearly as effective as they used to


Challenges Facing Global Impact Companies in the Postmodern World

Let’s take a look at ten key global issues for business that Global Impact Companies face as they seek to expand and engage with our rapidly changing global economy.  1-Recruiting Internationally  It is easy to understand why almost a third


How to Use Digital Advertising Trends to Boost Your Business

The advertising of today is vastly different from just a few decades ago. And the pace of change is creating lots of new opportunities and trends for boosting your business. Let’s look at seven of them. 1-Google and Facebook Ads

Digital Advertising

Choosing an Advertising Agency to Fit Your Needs

When your business wants to launch a new line of products, update your website to better take advantage of digital advertising, completely rethink and rework your brand, or move your products into a new market; that is a great time


How Newsletter Campaigns Promote Your Business

Newsletters are sometimes defined as one-to-many emails, because businesses are emailing a large number of people at one time, over a period of time or scheduled for a specific time in the future. They are definitely an essential element in

Social Media

Use Social Media to Build Customers into a Community

What do you think of when you consider how to pursue the best social media advertising?  Before you say “grow your sales”, contemplate a couple of questions.  What if you could transition a large portion of your customers into a

Digital Advertising

8 Benefits of a Good Digital Marketing Strategy

Some of the benefits you can expect when you develop and put into practice a digital strategy for business marketing. 1. Get More for Less Any time someone suggests that you can get more of something you want for less

What we do

zo Agency Records a 5-Star Rated First Review on Clutch

While we live in a digital world, print media is still an essential part of the marketing mix. Spending in print media can help businesses extend their reach to potential customers, gain publicity and engage their target audiences with campaigns.

Social Media

How to Attract More Visitors to Your Museum Using Social Media

Our museum clients have often asked us how to advertise a museum. One way to attract more visitors to your museum is to harness the growth of social media marketing for museums. Museums create an experience for their visitors. And

Digital Advertising

SaaS Advertising Secrets to Boost Paid ROI

Digital advertising for SaaS companies is a bit more specialized than for traditional companies, in part because a lot of potential clients do not know what cloud based software is. When you  develop your SaaS advertising approach there are a


Why Would an Audiologist Want to Hire a Digital Agency?

Digital advertising is essential for growing your audiology practice.  A growing share of people looking for your services and products are doing so on their computers and phones. They are simply typing “hearing aids” or “audiologist near me” into their


Marketing Strategies to Attract New Patients to Your Eye Care Center

Eye Care Centers, Optometrists and Ophthalmologists looking to open their skills, services and products to new patients and wanting to create brand awareness for their website, clinic(s), and  product offerings, need to improve their overall optometry marketing strategies. It is

What we do

The Top 10 Latest Trends in Event Management

The past year and a half has caused us all to question our presuppositions about how things must be done and to get creative about how things can be done. There is no doubt that the events of the last

Social Media

How Social Media Marketing is Revolutionizing the Travel Industry

You may not think that travel marketing and media are the most copasetic couple on the red carpet, but in reality social media marketing is in the process of revolutionizing the travel industry. Social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,


How a Great Logo Will Boost Your Gardening and Landscaping Business

Your business logo is a clear, simple and attractive representation of your business brand! In other words it is a representation of your business’s values, priorities, relationships, mission, vision and services. Great logos are iconic. They connect businesses with their


Choosing an Advertising Agency to Fit Your Needs

When your business wants to launch a new line of products, update your website to better take advantage of digital advertising, completely rethink and rework your brand, or move your products into a new market; that is a great time

Print & Production

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Printing Industry

There are a lot of printing industry challenges facing businesses in today’s digital oriented society. However, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has great potential for opening up a variety of new revenue streams for print businesses by improving the effectiveness of the


A guide to ensure brand compliance for your company

Where did the Idea of Branding Originate?  To fully grasp the concept of a term we can look into the history of where a word came from. In the ancient Scandanavian language of Norse, the word “brand” meant “to burn.”

Digital Advertising

How Will AI Change PPC Advertising?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest technological development to begin a massive change in  creative advertising and marketing in the digital realm. AI technology is highly effective when used to improve and enhance paid advertising for businesses and consumers. It


A Simple Guide to Successful Radio Advertising

Radio commercial ads may sound like a bygone method of business advertising, however in reality Radio marketing remains a solid investment for businesses who want to reach a broad audience with their advertising. One of the great things about radio

Public Relations

7 Strategies to Improve Public Relations in the Covid Era

The Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated the already established movement to digital communications and connections. It will have long term implications for how our businesses interact with their customers and generate buzz around their products and services. Here are a

What we do

6 Advantages of Hiring a Media Buying Agency

With all of the fantastic new marketing ideas and avenues available to businesses today it is easy to forget that, when it comes to putting a clear message in front of your business’s intended audience, traditional paid advertising is still


Beverage Industry Marketing

We are what we drink! And boy do we like to drink! Specialty coffee, tea, boba, matcha, juices, smoothies, wine, beer, craft beer from growlers or crowlers, distilled spirits, hard cider, cocktails, you name it and we drink it! And

Digital Advertising

Boosting Your Construction Business Through Digital Marketing

Have you wondered at some point, “How do I increase sales in my construction business?” There is a lot of competition for construction work out there and it can be a struggle to take your business to the next level.

What we do

Tips for Designing Captivating Professional Business Flyers

As a professional business owner you have perhaps noticed business flyer designs that caught your eye and grabbed your attention. And you may have wondered, “how can I create a business flyer for my business that would do the same

Digital Advertising

Pay Per Click Campaign Tips to Heat Up Your HVAC Business

At the top of our list of HVAC Marketing Strategies is Pay Per Click Pay Per Click (PPC) Pay-per-click marketing is one of the most effective and cost efficient modes of marketing today. It is basically a way to use


Grow Your Counseling Practice Using SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Optimizing your website means making the value of its content, organization and layout clear to  the artificial intelligence (AI) crawlers (spiders) that search engines use to collect data.  These search engines want to get reliable, helpful


Vital Ideas for Creating Brand Consistency

Your brand is the identity you have created for your business. Not unlike your own persona, the one you share at dinner, the one you share with your family and the one your coworkers see…. Your brand has a life

Digital Advertising

Building Your College or University Brand!

5 Ways Brand Building Benefits Your University for the Long Run As a College or University, you know how challenging it is competing for quality students with other schools, employers, military recruiters and more. You also know how important it


How Dental SEO Marketing Will Help Grow Your Practice

Your Dental Practice is a local business working in a limited geographical area from which to draw new customers.  You don’t have to compete with national and international businesses for the top spots on Google Searches.  But you do want


7 Ways to Effectively Market Your Roofing Business

Marketing your Roofing business in your local market has changed drastically over the past decade.  Where you used to advertise on your local radio and newspaper and make sure your Yellow Pages ad made a splash and had all the

Digital Advertising

Customize Your Library Newsletters to Reach Gen-Z

Your library newsletter is an essential element in any comprehensive content marketing strategy.  And your marketing strategy is vital for growing your Library’s brand and growing an audience for your products and services. Your goal is to build readership and


The Ultimate Guide to SEO for Financial Advisors

There are a ton of benefits for driving new leads to your Financial Advising business through careful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) planning and implementation.  But you need to know what you are doing and how SEO is evolving to make

Digital Advertising

Pay Per Click Ads Can Help Your Law Firm Stand Out!

If you are looking to boost your Law Firm advertising and get a lot of bang for your buck in the process, look no further than Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads.  There is little risk involved with PPC because your


Media buying

Media buying is just advertising jargon for helping you to get your business information to the public through TV and radio advertisements, magazines, newspapers, billboards and more.   Why Use an Advertising Agency for Media Buying? Your business is very good


Why Your Logo Belongs on Her Coffee Mug!

Logos   The most iconic symbols of the 20th century, and right up to the present day, are the business logos that are emblazoned on shoes, apparel, products, advertisements, billboards, tv commercials, and stickers that we see everyday and everywhere!   The


If Your Company Were an Animal, What Would it Be?

When you’re searching for the essence, the heartbeat, the clear message that your company conveys to your clients and potential clients, you might go through a process in which you ask questions like this one.   For one thing it’s really

Social Media

Social Media’s Top 10 Secrets and Tips

Any serious digital marketing strategy will include a plan for creating or growing your business presence in Social Media.  What are some of the top suggestions from digital marketing consultants?  Let’s go to the Top 10 list: Know Your Brand

Digital Advertising

The Seven Virtues of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When it comes to digital marketing, how you use SEO can be one of your worst enemies or one of your greatest allies.  SEO is an extremely powerful and versatile tool for your advertising tool box.  But if you let

Print & Production

How to Use Print Advertising AND Stay Green!

Would you rather receive a handwritten thank you note on fine stock paper with a handwritten address on the matching envelope, or an email that says the same thing?  Do you appreciate a clearly printed, creatively designed business card or


Build your website like you would build your storefront

In today’s digital marketing environment your website is your storefront.  Your website is where most of your visitors will get their first impression of your business.  You want them to visit, browse, stay, learn and connect with your products and

Types of Advertising
Digital Advertising

8 Types of Advertising Business Owners Should be Utilizing

As a business owner, it can be difficult to know which types of advertising you should be utilizing. With so many options out there – and the internet (and its marketing techniques) changing considerably with each year that passes –

Storytelling Marketing

Finding Your Brand’s Voice: Storytelling Marketing

Did you know that marketing has been around for thousands of years? With any exchange between buyers and sellers of purchased goods (even in ancient times), it’s human nature to use some form of marketing to make the sale. Take

What Makes a Brand Successful

What Makes a Brand Successful?

What Makes a Brand Successful? Have you ever wondered what makes a brand successful? Let’s be honest, branding can be complicated.  With so many moving parts involved, consider branding as an ongoing, ever-evolving process rather than a “one time, upfront”

Marketing to Gen Z
Digital Advertising

The Power of Marketing to Gen Z

There’s a new group of kids taking the digital world by storm. They live and breathe the online world and they’re not going anywhere—say hello to Generation Z. Some are already making waves (and money) thanks to social media and

Creative Agency vs. Digital Agency
What we do

Creative Agency vs. Digital Agency How do they differ?

Companies have been relying on creative agencies for decades, even before the advent of the internet. It was the job of the creative agency to deliver all the artwork, colors, and branding associated with a business using the artistic talent

Types of Advertising Agencies
What we do

The 3 Different Types of Advertising Agencies

Are you handling your marketing like it’s an easy-breezy walk in the park? Or are you wandering through a never-ending maze of branding, responsive websites, A/B testing, analytics, conversion rates, inbound versus outbound marketing, KPIs, PPC, and SEO? We get

marketing agency in Bend Oregon
What we do

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Marketing Agency in Bend Oregon

Why should you hire a marketing agency in Bend, Oregon? Good question: it’s one that we’re going to answer here. Marketing agencies are incredible things when you think about it. You get to focus on building your business while somebody


How to Recession-Proof Your Business

The great recession of our time peaked 10 years ago, but many are still feeling its wrath today. The truth is, if you’re running a business, turndowns are inevitable. The next looming recession is kinda like gravity—an invisible force, but

customer buying cycle

Understanding the Importance of the Customer Buying Cycle

Understanding the Importance of the Customer Buying Cycle Before we commit to buying something in stores or online, we all go through a pretty similar decision-making process. Whether we consciously realize it or not, this process is happening in the

Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Marketing

The Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Marketing

The Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Marketing A new year means it’s prime time to hit the ground running if you haven’t already! If you’ve been reminiscing about last year’s magical moments and wondering what 2019 has in store, why

Digital Marketing Agency in Bend

A Digital Marketing Agency in Bend with No Boundaries

Think we’re just getting started with this telecommuting or remote working trend? Think again! Let’s take a moment to celebrate because we’re already in the middle of a flexible workforce revolution. In a world where everyone and everything is going

email sequences
Digital Advertising

Why You Need Email Sequences (automated workflow)

If you’re thinking it’s high time to ramp up your marketing efforts, let’s talk email sequences for a sec. How’s your email marketing plan going? Do you have an email sequence set up and automated? Have you been thinking about

Digital Advertising

Gain More Email Subscribers the Right Way

News flash! Email has been around for close to 50 years now (say whaa?) That’s right. No joke. The thing is, email is still a major player in how we communicate and get our daily dose of news, gossip, etc.

Reputation Management
Public Relations

Reputation Management – How long does it take?

When you’re having a reputation management issue you want results yesterday. We totally understand. While we always take reputation management issues seriously, and of course we get right to work for you, results are not automatic. We ask our clients

What we do

SEO – Why Does it Take So Long?

Are you ready to get started with SEO for your business? We can’t wait to help! Many people start SEO campaigns under the misconception that they will see results overnight, so we wanted to put together this little guide to

What we do

PPC – How Long Does it Take?

How long will it take for me to see results in my PPC campaign? Oh, the age-old question. While many clients come to us excited to get started with PPC campaigns, a few weeks and a few hundred bucks later,


Find Your Loyal Customers

Ask yourself this. How well do you really know your perfect customer? Your core group of patrons? It’s easy to say you know them like the back of your hand, but do you really? Can you pick them out from

Social Media

Why Social Media Marketing Matters

A few years ago, social media was this shiny new past time where no one really knew what they were doing. You could post on the fly or share anything that came to mind. Simpler times, right? But you can


The Importance of SEO

It’s time to get real frank and honest here. We’re talking SEO frank and honest. Now if you’re thinking, “SEO wha? That’s like FOMO right?” or, “Is SEO the new CEO?” Nuh-uh, my friend. If you don’t have the slightest


Company For A Cause

Ever thought about why you started your business? In other words, what’s your business purpose? Your “why?” There are many reasons why someone would start a new business, and many business owners haven’t really spent time thinking about why they


Ready to get digital?

How to modernize your marketing methods. Remember the good ol’ days when you could take out an ad in the local newspaper or Yellow Pages and have clients lining up around the block for your services? Those days are gone.


Holiday Cheer

Not to blow an unwelcome horn in your ear but… Right at this moment, how holiday cheerful are you? Are you slammed out of your mind with last minute customer purchases or nervously looking at your cash flow as your


Don’t. Just don’t.

I hate to admit it, but I treat most sales people a bit like dirty Junk Mail. I give both a quick look over, a nod to where they came from and that’s it unless there is a hook or


How to stay true to your brand

First of all, if you don’t know what you’re doing, get some help. When you wake up in the morning and put on knee high white socks and slip on your favorite sandals, that’s a NO. And you need a


Are we trying too hard?

As the director of a small ad agency, I can say my team and I have seen a lot of this, a bunch of that and a fair amount in the middle.  Everyone wants to stand out, make their mark,